Educational Toys For Kids

A parent’s greatest contribution to a child’s educational growth should come before the child ever begins his formal education. Parents can leave it to the schools to teach their child to read or count or write his name. But a child’s best educational opportunities and future growth depend on the combined effort of parent, teacher, and student.

There is a world of difference in the child whose parents are actively involved in his learning, and the child who is totally left on his own. It’s a difference not only in ability, in quality of work, but also in attitude and self-image. A child’s first school is the home, so the toys that his parents select for him should not only keep him amused and occupied, but also develop his physical, mental and emotional well-being. The market for educational toys has thus been opened.

Mainly addressing the clamor for toys accepted by child psychologists, toy manufacturers have come up with a wide array of toys that promise hours of fun and excitement to the child, and at the same time, meet the requirements set by these experts.

If it is true that no one ever steps into the same river twice, it is also true that no child ever plays with the same toy twice. As the child enters each stage of growth, his play changes; and as his play changes, the toy is also transformed. Psychologists have studied the evolution and development of a child’s intellect, as pioneered by Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget, by closely observing children. They have come out with a trove of realities on how toys, educational or otherwise, affect the child’s multiple intelligences.

An interesting sidebar to these findings is the fact that toys and toy advertising have powerful effects on the ways children construct their gender identities. Girls between the ages of five to eight who are exposed to Barbie dolls feel worse about their bodies than girls exposed to dolls with more realistic physiques. Female-stereotyped toys tend to promote the most complex play in 18 to 47 month-olds. But as children grow older, their gendered stereotypes about toys grow stronger. Boys, especially, become increasingly likely to avoid playing with “girl toys,” possibly for fear of social repercussions from their peers. Thus, those fashion dolls that were created towards the teens and pre-teens segment to supposedly stimulate creativity and encourage imagination, may not really be the best educational toys because they encourage gender marginalization and desensitization. Both strongly feminine and strongly masculine toys seem to be associated with the worst aspects of gender roles: i.e., a focus on appearance in girls and violence in boys.

Toy companies, like all other businesses, aim towards making money. But unlike many other businesses, the target market of the toy industry is children who are not amply fortified with the capacity to dispute these companies’ claims or question the significance of their offers. The fact that the toy manufacturers sell directly to a key market that depends on middlemen – their parents – to purchase the products, is in itself a remarkable curiosity.

The result is an abstruse circumstance wherein toy companies contend that they are protecting the children’s purchasing rights through straightforward advertising, whereas critics argue that these companies are exploiting a defenseless population.

Wholesale Distributor For Toys – Getting Into the Toys Business As a Wholesale Distributor

There is money in going into the wholesale business when it comes into selling toys. In becoming a wholesale distributor, you become somebody who would be delivering your toys to other wholesalers or to retailers for the purpose of having them resell these items. You could either go into the business as a manufacturer or as an importer. You could also be just a reseller yourself.

The Evolution of Wholesaling

If you think that toy wholesaling is a big hassle as this could entail the selling and the supplying of goods driving your own van, think again. Because of the great evolution that technology has contributed into wholesaling, it has become an ecommerce venture that you can do in the comforts of your own home. While you can still sell your products in person if you like, you can also do this using just your telephone or the Internet.

Delivering your toys is also getting easier. This is because while you can deliver your toys by yourself with the use of your own vans, you can also do this by using dropship services that are either by truckloads or by cases. With this, all you have to do in selling and delivering your toys is calling up the necessary people over the phone or by contacting them through email on the Internet. You won’t have to spend all those time traveling from one store to another to make your sales pitch or to deliver the goods that were ordered from you.

Making Money as a Wholesaler for Toys

The good thing about going into the toy wholesaling business is that there are now many types of retailer stores that you can sell your toys to. While there are the local supermarkets, the neighborhood shops and even the big department stores in the bigger towns or cities, there are also the newer kinds of stores like the huge superstores and the cash and carry stores. There are even street sellers that could carry and sell your toy line as well as other wholesalers themselves that might be interested in trading your items.

Just remember that the key to becoming a successful wholesale supplier is to start small. You would also have to pay stringent attention to several other key aspects like the service that you provide and the pricing of your toys. The great thing about this venture that is you won’t need thousands of customer accounts to start making money. You can just start your enterprise by making it into a weekend thing. If you give out exceptional service, your home business will grow bigger in as little time as possible because of referrals, which could make your customers come to you without your having to see them yourself.

Toys Built With Date Rape Drugs

We have heard some crazy stories before but have you ever heard of a company using date rape drugs in their toys? Chances are you haven’t because the use of such drugs would be considered horrendous by nature and the company who would do such a thing might possibly find themselves out of business.

U.S. safety officials recalled approximately 4.2 million toys marketed as Aqua Dots and Aqua Beads due to the toys possibly containing the “date rape” drug. The chemical used in the toys metabolizes when ingested by kids and turns into gamma hydroxy butyrate which is used by date rapists. This drug is known as “fantasy” on the street and causes breathing problems, loss of consciousness, seizures, drowsiness, coma and even death. The problem was first discovered in Australia and New Zealand when children who ingested the toys were rushed to the hospital after getting sick. Even an 18-month old boy who went into the hospital drowsy was a victim of the toys. A total of 9 children in the U.S. have been affected.

The toys were going to be a hot item this year and both Wal-Mart and Toys “R” Us were selling these items throughout out the country. It is difficult to blame the companies as they didn’t manufacture the toys and don’t do any studies after purchasing them. However, it may seem very unnerving to the many people who purchase items from these stores.

After a number of the toys were sent back to China the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine confirmed that the toys did contain the date rape drug. The Chinese Government admits that Wangqi Product Factory in the Southern City of Shenzhen produced the toys.

China, in an attempt to counter the damage, barred the company from further exports and suspended the toy maker’s export license. Many other countries also received these toys and began to raise concerns of China’s quality after government inspectors to start exporting initially confirmed the toys.

The Lesson for Businesses:

The quality versus price debate has taken a new round of discussion. Many public officials, companies and the public members have promoted the concept that simply because a product is cheap doesn’t make it good. American manufacturers focus on quality while the Chinese are focusing on price. In recent years price has been wining as people become addicted to cheap imports.

The recent Chinese scandals may become a selling point for many American manufacturers who tout their quality above everything else. Their products are better built, last longer and are just a little higher cost then the Chinese ones. As the dollar declines the American high-quality products become more in demand.

If American manufacturers can keep lowering the cost of their products without hurting their quality their products will become more desirable to people overseas. People want quality but when the American product is 20% over the cost of imports most uninformed consumers take the cheaper alternative. Likewise it is difficult to determine who actually manufacturers these products. The government should consider requiring the country of origin be placed in a highly visible spot on the front of the product.