Business Review – Discovery Toys – Discover A Business Opportunity That Plays Well!

Background: Over 32 years ago, Lane Nemeth, a homemaker and early childhood educator, had an idea. Toys that could teach not merely keep a child busy. Discovery Toys was founded on the premise that children learn more and better when they are happily engaged. Lane’s idea was to get stay-at-home moms on board to spread the word about her new product line. Giving these moms the added incentive to earn income while engaged in their normal child care activities seemed a natural fit. Headquartered inn Livermore, California, an industry has grown up around this simple concept.

Under Lane’s leadership, the company reported $100 million for 1997, before selling out to Avon. In 2002, Avon sold the company to a private equity group. which then sold it again in 2008 to Drapnir, LLC.

Does Discovery Toys offer a business opportunity that plays well today?

Discovery Toys Products: The company’s products are developmentally designed so that different products are appropriate for age groups: 0-12 months, 1-3 years, 3-5 years and school ages, 5-8 years.

One of the top sellers is Marbleworks, released in 1982 and still very popular. It consists of colorful, sloped plastic half-pipes of various shares that interlock to create a track for marbles.

Business Opportunity: The company uses the direct sales network model.

Party plan marketing, reminiscent of pre-Avon days, remains in play.

Products are sold primarily in the U.S. and Canada.

Initial start up cost for a business consultant is $99 and includes catalogues, samples for each of the targeted age groups and the basic necessities to start hosting toy parties.

A member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), Discovery Toys retains it commitment to quality business ethics without equivocation. As a rep, you have the ability to earn a 25% prefect on wholesale value of your resold product. As you progress up the network compensation ladder, earnings potential increases to 40% on direct sales and a 15% overage on sales generated by your downline. Developing your team downline is where the real money is.

Training: The company provides powerful training about the products so that parents will understand their benefits for their children.

The start up kit comes with a comprehensive training manual. Phone training, mp3 sessions and live meetings are held periodically throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Discovery Toys has not developed a strong online presence to date. Leveraging the power of the internet seems a serious oversight for a company that has been cutting edge historically. Learning how to apply internet marketing techniques readily allows a representative to expand the scope of their market appeal, well beyond local home parties.

Certainly, for the effort and time required, proper utilization of internet techniques has the possibility of greater reward much more rapidly. It is the most intelligent way to build your downline.

If you build your business with these 2 essential components, you will discover that you have found a business opportunity that plays well–on a long term basis.

Make Learning Time “Fun Time” With Anatex Educational Toys

For years, Anatex has been an industry leader in the design and production of high-quality, engaging educational toys. Best known for their award-winning roller coaster bead maze, Anatex has been recognized by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the USC School of Business for its innovations in preschool and waiting room toys for young children.

What many people don’t realize is that Anatex toys are made right here in the United States! Which is great as not only are you providing your children with the safest, highest of quality in toys, you are also helping in the support of America’s economy. Here are just some of the great Anatex toys available now:

Activity Tables

Anatex activity tables are colorful, engaging, and can accommodate multiple children. Kids have a blast exploring the mazes, puzzles, and other manipulative activities, while eye-hand coordination, visual tracking and sensorimotor skills are challenged.

Busy Cubes

Anatex Busy Cubes are five sides of compelling fun! No matter which side your child plays, his or her curiosity is sure to be rewarded while building critical cognitive skills. All Anatex Busy Cubes are topped with a rollercoaster bead maze.

Magnetic Toys

Waiting for an appointment has never been more fun than with magnetic mazes and puzzles from Anatex. These innovative toys are an exciting way for children to develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and critical thinking skills.

Musical Fun

No preschool or day care is complete without a music center; the Anatex Musical Slices of Fun table is the perfect solution. Little ones experiment with sound and develop motor skills with the xylophone, xylobells, drums, 3-tone chime and cymbal, all in one place.

Rollercoaster Toys

Every child is familiar with the popular and award-winning roller coaster wire and bead mazes. Kids learn about colors, shapes, and sorting, as well as developing important sensory-motor skills with this Dr. Toy Best Classic Toys Winner. Whether you buy the Original Rollercoaster, a Mini Rollercoaster or a Jungle Rollercoaster, children will learn to recognize shapes and colors while eye-hand coordination and visual tracking are challenged.

Wall Panels

Wall Panel toys are designed to be mounted onto the wall so they are perfect for areas in which you don’t have a lot of floor space. Anatex makes a large assortment of wall panels that captivate and stimulate children’s imaginations while developing important skills. Here are a few brief descriptions on just a few of them:

  1. The Traffic Memory wall panel is a classic memory game that helps kids learn the traffic signs.
  2. With the Outer Space Pathfinder wall panel, the basic skills of logical thinking are challenged as children explore the galaxy.
  3. Children of all ages are fascinated with physics as their reflections grow bigger and smaller in the Blowfish, Crab and Seahorse Mirror Wall Panels.

Where to find the best of Anatex, at affordable prices

Stuffed Toys As a Promotional Tool

Stuffed toys are probably one of the most well-loved toys of all time. It’s easy to understand why everyone likes them since they are cute, soft and cuddly. Most of us had at least one when we were kids and it reminds us of the great memories of our childhood. As we became older, stuffed or plush toys were still a part of our lives as a collector’s item and more commonly, as gifts. From then until now, it’s one of the most recognizable figures of all time.

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that they are being used as a promotional tool. With the popularity of stuffed toys, it’s just normal that people would take advantage of it. So who uses them for promotion? Here are some examples of people who use plush toys for promotional purposes:

1. Toy inventors

Toy inventors can take advantage of its popularity by making it the “face” of their creations. Since most of us can relate to stuffed toys, toy inventors can use them to promote his whole line of toy inventions.

2. Children’s book writers

If you write children’s books, then you probably have main characters that kids adore. You can make stuffed toys of your book’s characters in order to promote your books and to make extra money.

3. Teachers or anyone who helps in children’s development

They promote a different kind of product such as learning. Most kids are visual learners. Using plush toys to promote learning is an interactive and effective way to reach out to children.

4. Business owners

If you own a business, you should be doing things to promote it. A good way to promote it is to give or sell stuffed toys designed to look like your mascot. It doesn’t matter if your mascot is lovable or not. While it will help if it is, the plush toy will give your business personality. You can give it as gifts to loyal customers or you can sell them at your store as official merchandise.

5. Nurses and those in the medical profession

Ever heard of the healing power of touch? Nurses can promote health and recovery using stuffed toys like bears or anything that is cuddly. We practice this unknowingly by giving stuffed toys to our sick loved ones and for good reason.

So you see, plush toys can promote a lot of things. So if you happen to be one of these groups of people or if you have your own idea for plush toys, you can easily use it to promote a lot of things. But the only way that it can be a reality is if you team up with a dependable manufacturer. They are the ones that can turn your idea into a promotional blockbuster. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to use it as a promotional tool for profit or for noble causes. It’s effective at what it does.