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How to Open a Successful Toy Store

Some of the biggest pitfalls people make today when starting a business is lack of planning and research. Having a proper business plan, having the best wholesalers, and location are three of the many things that often make the difference between a successful enterprise and one that falls apart and closes down quickly. A toy store is a really good idea for a store, even in today’s economy. Even with consumers tightening their belts, they will often buy a toy for their child, if nothing else to keep them happy during these troubled times. They are looking for a number of different things in toys, and using this you can plan on what products to put in your store.

One of the most important things a potential customer is looking for is the best quality, for the cheapest price. They are willing to pay more for some things, learning toys, toys that grow with the child, and building toys. It is a good idea to keep some of these items in your store at all times, a good variety of them, and well stocked.

To attract the attention of potential customers, you can do themed window displays. Especially if you have some kind of sale going on, this can not only draw customers to your business, but it makes them curious about the sale before they even walk through your doors. One example could be that you are trying to move some stuffed animals, lions and tigers and bears… (Oh my!) You could set up your window display in a jungle scene, Fake vines hanging down, maybe with your stuffed monkeys hanging from some of them, stuff like that. There is a fine balance between having too many things displayed and not enough. You want the scenery to be snappy enough to draw a crowd, but not so much that it deters from the products themselves. Then you could string a banner saying SALE TODAY, or a little sign in a monkey’s hand that reads ‘buy me for 10% off.’ Make sure that you are rotating your exhibits often, so that people are always wondering what presentations you will come up with next.

Another important consideration is the age range of the children. Unless you are specializing in a certain age group, or type of toy, developmental toys for toddlers, for an example, you need to try to get all ages in your store. This may mean stocking models for older children, advanced building sets, fun scientific experiments, things like that. You may want to stock a small selection of radio controlled vehicles, something different and eye catching like a submarine or hover craft.

What will make you stand apart from others will be your warranty, return policies, and customer service. The better the quality a product is, the longer it will last, so you want to strive to carry the best. Don’t worry, you won’t sell yourself out of business, you will actually not only get more repeat customers this way, but they will tell their friends and other family members about you.

It’s Finally Here – Smyths Top Toys For Christmas

Yes it’s finally here… Christmas! It’s been a tough year for everyone, with cutbacks forcing us to rethink our spending patterns. Yet Christmas means toys and a year of saving means bigger and better toys for your kids. Outlined below are the must have toys for 2008.

Keeping this in mind, the recently launched superstore toy chain, Smyths, has begun its predictions of the hottest toys for this year with their own top list of hot toys for Christmas 2008. Smyths has taken into account all the trends, advance orders and customer requests and combined this with 21 years of experience in the toy business to produce the perfect wish list for any kid’s Christmas.

On the top of any boys toy-shopping list is a Ben 10 Action toy. At the moment, the most popular of these toys is the Ben 10 Alien Laboratory Set – fans of the show can’t get enough of this fabulous play set which is modeled on the character’s bus. Open it up to reveal a lab within and create your own Aliens from the reusable clay. This action toy also includes Alien rocks and Animation discs from the Ben 10 cartoon series. For only £27.99, this is a true bargain and the perfect gift for any Ben 10 enthusiast.

Boys will also go crazy for the Bakugan starter pack. Priced at £12.99, this exciting card trading game will keep any child amused and trading crazy creatures for hours. For further hi-tech creature catching thrills, buy the Catcha Beast e-pet game! These exciting games let your reel in digital monsters and swap them with friends. For real-life action and adventure though, nothing beats the Clone Wars Ultimate Lightsabre set, which lets every person create their very own realistic sabre for battles with their friends, competitively priced at only £37.99.

We haven’t forgotten about the girls either! The Hannah Montana Secret Pillow lets every little girl keep their own secret diary, having a blast at the same time with the built-in speakers which can connect to any MP3 player. This is the perfect gift for only £19.99. For the little superstar in your life, the High School Musical Sing Together Dolls, complete with their own microphones will transform playtime into karaoke time! Looking for a little puppy toy to play with? The Rescue Pals Swim to Me Puppy will paddle with your little girl during bath time and even comes with his own goggle and towel, a steal at £27.99. For a proper puppy to cuddle, try Fur Real Biscuit – My Lovin’ Pup. This doggie is so realistic that he responds to your commands just like a real dog would, a real dog for only £129.99.

Looking for a more interactive experience? Smyths Toys has the hottest video game console in stock: the Nintendo Wii. This family-friendly console will get you moving with its wide selection of insanely fun titles. The Wii is a bargain at only £179.99. Looking for something a little more compact? The Nintendo DS Lite is a favourite of both boys and girls and with its dual-screen touch action; anyone can get in on the game. This console comes in a host of cool colours for only £99.99.Finally, say hello to Elmo Live, the latest version of this smash-hit Sesame Street character. Elmo sings, sits and chats with your child and this truly amazing toy can be yours for only £54.99

So leap into Christmas 2008! This fine selection of toys is sure to keep the child in your life happy and smiling throughout the festive season. With a selection like this, it’s no small wonder that Smyths Toys is the leading provider of children’s entertainment throughout Ireland and the greater London area.

Second Mortgage Loans: The Junior Lien Expert for Home Equity

People across the nation are searching for alternative financing solutions for home refinancing, because more likely than not they are already locked into a great rate for thirty years. Take a look at the mortgage refinance loan’s little brother, the second mortgage. This junior loan is usually smaller than the older, more senior mortgage loan, but it is more flexible and it may not be as difficult to deal with. Examine the benefits of the younger more agile second mortgage and you may reconsider refinancing your 1st mortgage.

  • Second mortgages require no private mortgage insurance (pmi).
  • You can borrow up to 125% of the appraised value of your home.
  • 2nd Mortgage loans cohesively subordinate to your existing mortgage.
  • Flexible credit lines allow you to access money any time.
  • Home equity lines of credit can be converted to a fixed rate term.
  • Second mortgage loans are great financing tools for getting cash out to finance, pool construction, debt consolidation, and even purchase a 2nd home. According to a recent study by Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies those who own second homes are more likely to reduce spending on their primary residence relative to their income than those who do not own second homes. This Harvard study notes “compelling evidence that the choice to adjust (housing) consumption by adding a second home rather than by increasing the value of the primary residence must lower demand elasticities for primary homes among second-home owners even more.”

    Whatever kind of loan you choose when looking for cash out using you home, make sure that you understand how the loan works. You need to know how the interest is being calculated and if you you have a pre-penalty for early pay off. Above all, take the money you get from the home equity loan and invest it wisely.