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Anatex Toys – Good Quality Makes it Best Classic Toys Winner

Toys play an important part of child’s development. A kid may even consider anything to be a plaything. He may pick up a certain household item and “fly” it through the air as to pretend that it is an airplane. Toys may keep children busy for hours. It helps in developing cognitive behavior and can stimulate creativity. It also help in developing the physical and mental skills which are necessary in later life. Choosing the right one for your kids may somewhat be complicated. Better choose toys that are suitable to your kid’s age and abilities. It would be much wiser to choose a toy that does not only offer enjoyment but also education.

Anatex has been known as the manufacturer of Anatex toys. These are known for their quality and education. These Anatex toys are not just ordinary toys. They are fun educational toys for children. Anatex kept children entertained for hours and hours while learning some patterns, colors, shapes, math, and physics. It makes learning fun while playing.

Anatex manufactures different kinds of educational toys. They have waiting room, classic and games, and rollercoaster toys. They also have a pretend play and furniture and great activity tables. Anatex also has other fun decorations to help set up a child’s playroom fitting to your child’s personality. Among the wide choices of Anatex toys, the rollercoaster bead maze was the famous. It was even awarded as Dr. Toy Best Classic Toys Winner.

Anatex toys are commonly found on doctor’s offices around the world. Waiting rooms of most pediatric doctors have toys that would keep a child busy, at the same time offering a little education. It is still advisable for parents to supervise their kids at any play area or waiting room while they are playing. Most waiting rooms would have Anatex waiting room toys. These Anatex waiting room toys are guaranteed to keep kids busy. Anatex waiting toys are made of quality and are made to last for a long time.

These Anatex toys are not only suitable for waiting rooms. Parents have the option to purchase Anatex toys for their little ones. Having any of the Anatex toys placed in their play rooms or even in their bedrooms, would make kids happy to have it at hand and an educational toy at that.

Any toy can bring smile on any kid’s face – be it made of good quality or not. As long as he sees some toys he would want it. A kid would even be happier if a parent would let him choose what he wants. Better choose education toys that are made of good quality and are not harmful to kids. Choose a thing that does not only offer enjoyment but also education. Choose this branded ones and your kids will surely love and enjoy it.

Why make playtime different from learning time, when you can do both? Make playtime a learning time for kids. Have any of those Anatex toys!

Researchers Study the Increased Sales of Interactive Toys

With the constant unstoppable increase in technology it is no surprise that researchers say that consumers are turning more and more to electronic toys to enhance their child’s interactive learning. Seventy five percent of consumers who purchased an electronic toy in the past year did so for its educational value, Three of the top five most purchased types of electronic toys are educational products. The study focused on purchases made for children between the ages of 0 and fifteen years of age.

The study found that 48 percent of buyers purchased some type electronic learning systems, 36 percent purchased electronic aids or electronic books. An impressive 78 percent of consumers also view the level of learning electronic toys provide as beneficial to children.

Many educational toys are highly sophisticated, while they integrate microchips and other technology. There are many toys have interactive components which teach kids important skills such as early language, spelling, and math. There are even electronic toys that take children through the elementary steps of learning a foreign language.

The study found that most households spend nearly two billion dollars on electronic toys for children each year, with the average household spending $172. Radio controlled toys along with DVD games topped the list of electronic toy purchases, with the highest purchase potential found in electronic/DVD games and electronic learning aids.

Another interesting fact found in the study. is that boys are more likely than girls to be the recipients of electronic toys. Fifty-eight percent of purchases are for boys compared to only 42 percent for girls. The study also found that gender appropriateness is important to more than half of electronic toy purchasers.

Parents are placing an increased emphasis on their children’s education. They want to give their children the best possible future and they are willing to invest a substantial amount of money to provide their children with a variety of different eduational opportunities. It’s no surprise that parents are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about edutainment products and the benefits that they offer. The edutainment products category now represents one of the fastest growing segments in the toy market.

The electronic toy business is not child’s play any more. It has become serious business and manufacturers as well as most retailers know it. They realize that as long as technology keeps growing they will continue to make new products. And as long as new products are made parents will keep buying them for their children.