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Cheap Toys

All parents love to buy toys for their kids. Children should play with varieties of toys like educational and learning, creative, novelty toys and electronic toys to improve their dexterity, skill, imagination and their overall development. Today, the toys are so expensive that parents who are on low budget cannot really afford them.

However, there are few toys that are simple and cheap and yet they give all the benefits of expensive toys. These include play-doh, crayons, puzzles, board games, craft kits, books and puppets. These can also be used as gifts for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions. They do not cost a fortune, but they guarantee hours of fun for kids.

Kids are least bothered about the price of the toy. Even small and cheap toys amuse them. With a little patience and research, parents can buy cheap toys that will make their kids happy. So, why to waste money on expensive toys?

An easy and inexpensive way to keep the child busy is by making toys at home. Creative toys can be made from everyday stuff that is readily available at home. With little imagination, common household items can be turned into beautiful toys. There are a lot of internet resources which give ideas on homemade toys.

Kids never get bored of toys. However, they do not like to play with the same toys for a long time. Garage sale, flea market and thrift shop like Goodwill are the best place to look for gently used toys which are very cheap.

Sometimes, it is better to search for cheap toys online. In this computer age, online shopping is very convenient for everyone. Craigslist is an online community, where people sell old and new toys at a discounted price. It is very easy to search for cheap toys in this site. EBay is one of the web sites where reasonably priced toys can be found. EBay has several different cheap toys and it is easy to get them all from one place for a lower price.

Sales and discounts are another way to reduce the expenses on toys. These can be found in the local paper, store circular and online toy stores. These money saving coupons are the best bargains in all kinds of shopping. Some toy shops like Toys r us give reward cards. When these cards are used for shopping at Toys r us, points get accumulated, which can be used to buy new toys. Toys r us also gives a $3 gift card for the kid’s birthday each year, if signed up for birthday club.

Whether parents buy cheap toys or expensive toys, all that matters is how much quality time he/she can spend with the kids and that is what all the kids look for.

Custom Plush Toys – Building an Ascension Ladder

If you are into the business of custom plush toys, you have to be prepared to have a lot of customers – existing and prospective alike. It’s because a lot of people see what you see. There is a big demand for plush stuffed toys and they want to get in the action. This is especially true if you’re offering plush toys online. Your market is the world. Now, you can group your customers into several groups. At first, it seems as if they can only be grouped into individual and retail customers. Either you’re selling them to individuals who plan on enjoying the toys or the retail stores who plan on selling them for profit.

If you’re just starting, it’s just common business sense to serve your custom plush toys to anyone who is interested. Of course, you have to take into consideration their ability to pay. You wouldn’t want to give out your plush stuffed toys for free since there’s a big demand for it. But this is where payment terms and credit checks can help you. As long as you use them wisely, you can offer your plush toys online or offline to whoever is interested.

But as you improve your business, your clientele starts to grow as well. Because of this, you are able to develop customization and added features or accessories to your custom plush toys. You might even have incentive discounts in mind. It might not be a good idea to offer them to everyone because that will defeat the purpose of selling specialized plush stuffed toys. You wouldn’t want to saturate the market by making it too mainstream. This is especially true if you’re selling plush toys online because the whole world is going to see it. So this is where you take a step to the next level of the ascension ladder. Now, it’s just a question of who among your customers you’re going to take to the next level.

So what’s in it for them? You could offer certain benefits or incentives to those who are with you on the next level. But you have to be sure that you will tell everyone that there is an ascension ladder. Yes, even your plush toys online customers. That will give them the motivation to be good customers and to order more through you. The next level is where you can release new custom plush toys. You can also offer to sell accessories to the more popular plush stuffed toys. But most of all, you can give incentives to them. It could be financial or otherwise. For example, you can offer discounts, extended payment terms and the likes. The benefits and incentives will increase as you go up the ascension ladder and the customers that you’ll bring will be fewer and fewer.

So who can you take? Think of it as the Olympic ladder. You have the bronze, silver and gold. Obviously, the gold winner is most deserving. So you can think of it that way. Bring up who you think deserves the added benefits and incentives of your custom plush toys. It could be because they always pay on time for their plush stuffed toys. With time, you’ll develop your own system to pick and choose who belongs to which category. You can be sure that your customers will be working hard to be on that next level. In the end, it will be a win-win situation since they’ll benefit from it as well.