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Plush Stuffed Toys – The Benefits of Upselling

If you’ve been selling plush stuffed toys as a business, then you probably know that it’s very easy to sell them. The whole process is easy and if you choose a reliable manufacturer of custom plush toys, the rewards are countless. This is the main reason why a lot of people go into this business. It’s because they know that there is a big market for it. They’ve been around for generations and still enjoy worldwide support. No one is really worrying about competition because there’s enough market for everyone.

Now, you can choose to compete with other inventors of plush stuffed toys. As mentioned, there is a big market for it and there is enough for everyone. But why stop there? Why not get ahead of your competition by offering other things to your customers? Aside from the custom plush toys, you can also offer other things that complement them. Since it complements your toys, then it will benefit your customers.

You can do this by upselling. Upselling is a sales strategy where you will encourage the customer to buy additional items or upgrades. In the case of plush stuffed toys, these additional items or upgrades complement them. For example, you can offer clothes or accessories for the plush toy. As upgrades, you can offer gift-wrapping or express delivery. The clothes and accessories makes the toys better while the gift-wrapping or express delivery benefits the customer if they have a need for them. Remember, they are just add-ons to the original order of custom plush toys. It’s just a matter of developing products and services that you can upsell.

Now, those are upsells. It means that they have to pay for it. If they pay for it, then it means that they have a need for it so it’s clear what they’re getting from it. But what’s in it for you? Simply put, you can increase your sales with these upsells. Aside from the plush stuffed toys, you’re also getting sales from the clothes, accessories and added services. Think about it. Instead of just earning $29.99 for your toy, you’ll be getting additional sales of $5.00 for gift-wrapping and $8.00 for express shipping. You can also upsell the paid membership that you’re offering that has loads of information regarding custom plush toys for only $9.00 a month. If you do the math, you earned a lot more for just a single order. If you have these backend products and services ready, it can easily multiply.

It’s also very easy to upsell. After all, you have gained their trust already. They’re ready to hand over their cash or credit card for their plush stuffed toys. It’s just a matter of encouraging them to buy more products and services that can improve their experience with the custom plush toys. You’re not taking advantage of them so you don’t have to feel guilty. You just realize that there is an opportunity for you and your customers to benefit from these upsells so you’re just taking advantage of that opportunity.

Branding Your Company Logo on Toys

Marketing and promoting your business, no matter how big or small, is a tough monster to handle. Many companies find that their marketing efforts are well-founded when they offer no-cost logo toys as promotional gifts for their existing and potential customers and target niche audience. Promotional toy gifts are well-liked by the recipient and can provide them with a great way to imprint the image of your business into their minds – giving you a great amount of brand recognition at little cost.

Popularity of Toys With Your Logo

One reason that logo toys are so popular is that there is a “big kid” hiding in all of us, no matter how old we get. Toys bring back a sense of nostalgia for the past, making us reminisce of carefree days gone by – which makes them great promotional items as far as enjoyment goes. Most adults will admit that they have at least one toy at their desk that they use to relieve stress or boredom, or to help them focus. Additionally, everyone knows a child that would enjoy a toy. Many airlines, hotel chains, restaurants, medical practices, and other businesses have been using promo toys for years as a way to connect on a more personal level with parents and their children – and giving a promotional toy item out that is stamped with your business name is a great way to show your appreciation for families with children. And while serving this purpose, the toy item can be personalized with contact information and your business’ logo – giving the parents the contact information they need to reach you.

Choosing Appropriate Toys To Give Away

There are a wide variety of different promo toys on the market that you might consider having your business’ contact information and logo imprinted upon for marketing success. From toys for the ‘kid at heart’, like stress balls to more traditional types of toys, finding your company’s perfect promo item or items is easy with a huge selection of affordable and quality toys to choose from. When purchasing your customized toy promo items, be sure to take into consideration that dealing with a reputable manufacturer or distributor can give you the assurance that the toy you choose will meet all national safety standards and be nontoxic and harmless for the recipients of your promo.

Affordable Logo Toys

Promotional toys items for your business no longer have to eat a huge hole in your marketing budget for the year. In fact, prices have been reduced in recent years as the market has broadened and is more competitive. Further, to find the best deal on customized logo toys for your business, order in bulk to get a better per piece rate.