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Custom Plush Toys – Expanding Your Line

It’s easy to be successful in the business of custom plush toys. Even if you’re just starting, you can easily achieve success if you team up with a good plush toy manufacturer. A lot of beginners are overwhelmed with the amount of success that they’re getting with the plush stuffed toys. Now, this is obviously a good thing if you know what to do. But if you don’t, it can contribute to failure. Let me explain why.

But first, let me tell you the challenge that you’ll face once you become successful in the business of custom plush toys. A lot of times along the way, you’ll be faced with the question of expansion. Should you expand your line as a plush toy manufacturer? Should you be contented with the plush stuffed toys that you have? Obviously, each has its own pros and cons. It will be up to you if you’re going to expand or not.

Expansion seems to be the obvious choice for a variety of reasons. Of course, you have to keep up with the demand for your custom plush toys. Demands will increase once people see the quality of your plush stuffed toys. A great plush toy manufacturer can make sure of that. So what can you expand? With all the raves that you’re getting from your customers, you have to really listen to what they have to say. They’ll tell you want they want to see and buy from you. They could be accessories or added features. For example, they could be a demand for clothing to go with your custom plush toys. These are things that complement your plush stuffed toys. It would also be a great opportunity for you to up-sell with the help of your plush toy manufacturer. You could also make limited editions as your expansion and offer them to select customers. This expansion will help you create a whole new demand for your toys.

But you have to be careful because it’s possible that you could bite off more than what you can chew. Expansion is a complicated process and it could explode in your face. Let’s say you make a whole new line of custom plush toys. What if your plush toy manufacturer couldn’t handle it? This is why it’s important to deal with a reliable manufacturer. Also, make sure that your expansion wouldn’t directly compete with your toys. If you’re going to expand, make sure that they’ll help sell the plush stuffed toys you currently have. Test it yourself first before going into full production. This will help you gauge its effectiveness.

Of course, you can choose to just focus on selling your custom plush toys. It’s definitely safer and will provide you a steady stream of income. You don’t have to make an additional investment with your plush toy manufacturer. But it can also stop your growth with your plush stuffed toys. So think about it. It doesn’t all have to happen at once; you can do expansion slowly but surely.

It’s a matter of knowing what you want and how to get it. If you want to achieve as much success as you can and satisfy the needs of your customers along the way, go for it. Just make sure that you and your manufacturer can handle it.

Why You Need Toys For Your Dogs

Few things are as enjoyable as playing with your dog or watching him play. Buying your dog toys helps stimulate him both physically and mentally. Toys can help prevent your dog from becoming bored and developing behavioral problems caused by boredom and loneliness. Some toys help your pet develop mentally while others keep him entertained physically. Here are a few examples of the different types of toys you can find for your dog.

Interactive Toys

Interactive toys are toys you can use to play with your dog. These include tug of war toys such as rope as well as balls and retrieving rolls. These toys do not need to be expensive but they should be designed appropriately so as not to harm your dog. Hunting and retrieving breeds of dogs love a good game of chase or fetch and balls and sticks can provide hours of endless fun for these pets. Frisbee specially designed for dogs are available that allow your dog to catch them comfortably without hurting their mouths.

House and Yard Toys

House and yard toys include toys that your dog can occupy himself with while you’re busy or out of the house. Most dogs love squeaky toys and will spend hours playing with them. Some dogs will play with their toys gently and some dogs will not rest until they have gutted the toy to get at the source of the squeaking. If your dog is the type that rips toys apart, then you should supervise him when he has access to a toy in case he accidentally swallows the plastic squeaker.

Stuffed toys are also popular with many dogs and your dog will enjoy “killing” his stuffed toy by shaking it violently. Avoid badly manufactured toys or toys that contain harmful stuffing as these could serious harm your dog. Dogs can easily swallow things they shouldn’t ingest and this can cause them serious problems. If your pet swallows the stuffing of a toy, he can develop an intestinal blockage that may require costly surgery. If you give your dog toys that haven’t been specially made for dogs, make sure you remove any buttons, eyes, whiskers and any detachable pieces before giving them to your dog to reduce the risk of choking.

Educational toys such as buster cubes keep your dog mentally stimulated for hours on end as he rolls the cube or ball around trying to get it to dispense treats.

Floatable toys are great for playing with your dog on hot summer days. Many dogs enjoy swimming and playing in water and these dogs will enhance their fun. Floatable toys such as balls and rings can be used in retrieving games or for your dog to play with by himself.

Dogs love to play, and toys give them the opportunity to do so. Dogs recognize their toys as belonging to them and when you buy your dog a toy he will understand this is something fun for him and it will make him joyful. Dogs give us so much joy so sometimes it’s only appropriate to try and give some joy back to them too!