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What Business Am I In?

You may think you’re in the toy business, the travel business, or the seminar business, just to name a few. You can be forgiven for thinking this, since your company sells these products…but you would be wrong.

You are in the people business, because all business is a people business.

You may even be to the point where you know you want to be in business for yourself, but you don’t know what products to market at first. That’s okay. You should work with people first. The products come next.

In fact, people don’t usually buy products at all. They buy other people! Or rather, they buy into other people. They buy from people they like, and from people they perceive as being “like” them. It’s the person doing the presentation, and not the product at the center of the presentation, which creates a sale.

Therefore, in order to succeed, you need great people skills. The major skills you need aren’t fancy. Those skills are:

· Listening…


·…and listening.

If you’re willing to ask people a lot of questions, and if you’re willing to spend some time sincerely listening to the answers those people give, then you can find out how to work with anyone. In fact, when someone says they might want to buy from you, you should pause and tell them that you don’t even know if you’re ready to sell to them yet, as you haven’t yet had an opportunity to assess their needs and concerns to find out if that product is a good fit for them.

It’s only after you’ve done that groundwork, after you’ve done your job as a person in the “people business,” that you can present the most appropriate opportunity and therefore close the deal.

Cool Toys for Kids – A Selection of Cool Toys for Boys and Girls

Kids nowadays at all times want the most effective toys and the latest technology. Over the years, design and production of toys have changed for the better. Digital expertise has come to the forefront and has made a huge impact on the toy industry. Allow us to have a look at some cool toys for teenagers that seem to love and enjoy. Finding the right toy will be difficult, however these are a number of the ones children will want.

It appears one toy that has been around for years is Lego building blocks. These are used to build different things and youngsters love them. The digital age has made a new twist on Lego constructing blocks that children will love. The brand new Lego MP3 participant is built right into some Lego blocks. This electronic wizard helps you to save over 1,000 songs on a 2GB reminiscence card. Youngsters love music and having their own will preserve them away from yours.

Through the years the Barbie doll has been a cultural icon and that has not decelerate in the digital age either. Right now’s Barbie has been updated with a webcam necklace give youngsters the opportunity to record videos. Playback is on the dolls back and can entertain youngsters for hours on end.

No matter what age a kid is being able to take photos is one thing all of them want. Fisher Value has designed a digital camera that takes pictures and shops them on your child. Up to 500 pictures may be saved on the 64MB memory and still handle the pounding of a 3 12 months old. This camera can do all of it and maintain these little ones busy for hours on end to the delight of parents.

Kids love to speak and if given an opportunity they may do it together with your mobile phone for hours on end. Firefly has provide you with a choice to handing them your cell phone. This new cell phone from Firefly has all of the bells and whistles that kids and fogeys will enjoy. From wallpapers to ringtones and parental controls this telephone has it all.

One of the cool toys for teenagers is computers. The issue is discovering one that is excellent for kids to use. Disney’s netbook has all the things you can ask for. It is a good starter laptop computer for kids who need to get on-line and go to websites. Parental controls are also an enormous plus on this netbook because it lets a father or mother select what sites to block. This netbook offers kids an opportunity to have their very own little laptop computer with loads to keep them busy.

Handheld digital devices have now been round for numerous years. Digital expertise has actually changed and you can see enhancements on these devices. The iCoffin is among the newest handheld units and has many issues to do. From send text messages to playing games it will keep youngsters busy for hours.

As you’ll be able to see there are a lot of cool toys for teenagers these days. Some are primarily based on standard toys which have been around for many years. Toss in the digital age and you may preserve your little ones busy for hours when you relax.

How to Recognize an Original Action Figure Toy

Toys and games are no longer just the domain of tiny tots, adolescents, and teenagers. With the quality of toys becoming better, they are becoming collectors’ items and have become a roaring business. Whether you are a collector, or just someone getting a toy for a child, you would definitely be looking for an authentic and safe toy for the child.

Action figure toys are highly popular when it comes to gifts for children. Unfortunately, there are many fake and duplicate products making the circles, which are popularly known as ‘knock offs’ in the toys and games market. You should steer clear from these toys because they will be substandard products that will not stand the wear and tear these toys undergo, and they may be harmful to children too. Here are some tips that will help you recognize an original action figure toy.

The best way to check the authenticity of a toy is to look at the packing and sales collateral. An original product will have various designs, logos, and even wordings that will announce its authenticity to all who wish to find it out. Pay special attention to the words and logos printed on the box. If there is any spelling or other grammatical mistakes on the packing and the wordings, you can be sure that it is a duplicate product.

You should also look for any trademarks and wordings that say that the particular product is a part of a particular franchise. Nowadays, many media companies collaborate with toy manufacturers and build action figures and other toys from their franchises together. Therefore, the packing has the logo of the manufacturer and the media company that holds the rights to the intellectual property too.

Check the back panel of the packaging to check the authenticity of the product. It will have all the information about the various trademarks and copyrights, right from the intellectual properties to the business dealings. For example, if a popular comic book house has collaborated with a toy manufacturer, the packing will have this written down on the back panel, and will also have addresses of where the particular product was manufactured, packed and the complete address of the marketer too.

Look at the quality of the product. Unless the product is not very famous and some fly by night manufacturer has built the action figure, there is no reason that the figure should suffer from peeling paint, substandard material usage, and other aspects. An authentic action figure is a work of art, and it will have stunning similarity to the actual character, whether fictional or real. Some of these become collector’s items and are worth considerable amounts, so the manufacturers take extreme care in creating such toys – something that a duplicator will not.

These are some simple ways to check the authenticity of action figures. If you are looking for an action figure, you could visit your local toy store, or you could even look online for authentic and collector’s items action figures.