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Great Dog Toys for Man’s Best Friend

Man’s best friend loves us but also loves to play so it is up to the owners to supply them with great, safe toys. They need a variety of toys so they have some they play with alone and others that are fun for them and yourself. Because they are such social animals many dogs hate to be alone even for a few hours. Sometimes, having a special toy brought out only when you will be away for a bit can relieve a little of your pets stress.

The most important factor when selecting a dog toy is your pets’ safety. Make sure that any toys you purchase are large enough, so they are not choking hazards. Durable toys that hold up to biting, pulling and chewing are necessary. Never give a dog stuffed animals made for children as they are easy to tear apart and can injure your pet. Shopping for a dog toy is often confusing because there are so many choices. There are rope toys, chew toys, rawhide bones, rubber balls, stuffed animals, talking toys, treat filled toys and dental toys. These are only a few of hundreds of toys available. Picking an appropriate toy that your will love and play can be difficult.

If your dog is very energetic and needs an hour or more of play daily, with or without their owners, they need toys that stand up to a lot of abuse. Hard rubber toys and balls, that you throw to your pet or play soccer with, are great for burning off energy. Ropes are good for fetching and tugging on. If your dog likes to chew, then nylon bones and pigs ears are fantastic for keeping your pet busy. Tough, thick, study toys are perfect for busy, lively dogs. Other dogs play hard for about five or ten minutes and then need to take a rest or nap. Often these are the smaller breeds of dog. Dog safe stuffed animals, squeaky toys or their own blanket to tug on or sleep with, are great choices. For the dogs that fit between extremely energetic and low energy try toys such as rope toys, rubber balls and treat toys. If your dog loves water and you spend a lot of time at the beach or lake, there are floating dog toys made specifically for throwing and fetching.

All dogs have their own distinct personality and just like children and what we think they will like is not necessarily what they want. Many pet stores allow owners to bring their pets shopping along with them. Not only is this fun for both but you might be amazed at what toys your dog really prefers, that you would not usually consider. You may find that your Great Dane is terrified of squeaky toys or that your toy poodle wants a soccer ball to push around. It can be a very interesting experience seeing what color, size or shape toys attract your pets.

The bottom line is that no matter what great dog toys you end up purchasing for your pet, make sure it is safe for them.

Are Soft Toys a Good Way to Promote a Business?

I suppose when people are thinking of running any kind of promotional activities do really think of practical things that they can use? For example they will use pins, pens, pencils and many other practical items. Many promotional items will consist of what can be found in an office and I suppose this is okay to certain extent unless you want to be a little bit different. If you do want to try something else and try and stand out from the crowd but maybe you should consider using soft toys as many businesses are now starting to use these for promotional purposes. There are a number of occasions when you could use these.

Try a little variety

It’s always good to be a little bit different than using a soft toy for promotional purposes just got a little bit of variety to your brand and company. There are many different sizes and colors you can choose from. There are also soft toys to suit everybody’s budget.

Having some fun

Many companies as we set already choose to use items that you will find in your office in the hope that you will keep this be such a desk and will the branded items all the time. However, with soft toys you get a little bit of different angle that many people consider to be fun. It’s amazing if you pop in to many offices that have some stage receives soft toys as promotional items you’ll find them on people’s desks or in their homes. These are items that people hold onto and keep because they see them as a little bit funny and enjoyable.


No matter how young or old you are used to like receiving gifts and using soft toys to promote any business is a fantastic idea. People simply like them and keep them and they are definitely something that people like to receive.

It’s your birthday

I came across a company not so long ago that purchased branded soft toys for employees and clients and when they knew it was somebody’s birthday they gave them one. It was a really interesting concept and something that many people kept beside them in work overtime. From the promotional and branding perspective it was very interesting.

Having a baby

Again like the example above if somebody in the company had a baby he receives a company softtoy. This was true for clients and was really interesting concept.

In any business no matter how big or small their always opportunities to promote and ensuring that people received a gift that they will keep his very interesting concept and are very interesting marketing idea. And his presence economic climate it’s imperative that you try and promote and brand yourself the best way possible. Although, many are on very tight budgets at present he would be surprised at how affordable these types of promotional soft toys cost.