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Timeless Value for Antique Cast Iron Toys

In this generation where gaming is defined with electronic stuff like Wii, PSP, or iPad antique cast iron toys helps us look back what it’s like back then. These collectors’ items are tested through time. Items that are considered antiques are those that are manufactured during World War II or at least 50 years back.

Curiosity is one of the reasons why numerous people are collecting stuff from the past. Sometimes it’s the way the antique cast iron collections look like. Most of them look like the way transportation look like in the past or furniture that they used. Many are also curios of the story the toy could tell. The collectors’ items tell a story of the life they lived. Since most antique collectors’ items are collected from different parts of the world each one also brings a story of the way of life they have in that region for a certain period of time. Since this is from 50-100 years these antique toys are mostly transportations of war and high ranking officials.

When collecting you should consider the age, where it come from, and should be tested whether it’s genuinely from the past. Antique cast iron toys could also be faked. You don’t want to pay enormous amount for something that’s not real. Experts could identify which one is an authentic product.

Antique cast iron toys are also educational. Since these toys tell of a story of life in the past having this as an illustration on how life is during the war makes it more alive. How people from different regions transport products or how cars and other means transportation look like is usually how these toys would look like. Great for illustrating historical life in places we have not been to.

The market for antique toys is increasing in its popularity. Both in the private sectors and auctions sales it is a growing industry. Even private collectors are also selling antique items in exchange of higher value cast iron toys. Several online stores are even selling antique items. With the raising popularity of this business, collectors would also be extra careful especially with the fake ones.

Greatest value for antique cast iron toys comes in few forms. Mostly the value of the toys in terms of price comes with the quality of the item. Since this has passed quiet an amount of time this means wear and tear of your item should be taken note. Best value comes from automotive stuff. This is maybe because of the few animated stuff that comes with it. Some antique toys comes with parts that could be move on certain direction. For cars and horse carriage you will find best value when wheels still turns or the door could still open. This only means that the piece is still in good condition. Horse-drawn and irons automotive are the few things collectors have an eye on.

Antique cast iron toys’ value is not only determined through time but its usefulness in this generation, where we tend to forget the past because of the convenience and sophistication brought by the future. On the other hand, antique cast iron toys bring us back to where we have been and how our fathers enjoyed them before.

Choosing the Best and Safest Toys For Your Dog

So you go to the pet store to get your dog some new toys and you get overwhelmed by the massive amounts that you see. There are so many types, shapes, sizes, etc., that you don’t know what you should get! Basically there are two types of toys for your dog – fluff and interactive.

Fluff toys look cute and sweet, but may not necessarily be the best for your dog. Some examples are stuffed and squeaky rubber or plastic toys. These are OK for some dogs, but many dogs will quickly destroy them, which can be dangerous to your dog and a waste of money for you. These toys can be dangerous when destroyed because your dog can ingest the parts as he or she tears it apart. Stuffing and cloth or rubber pieces can easily become lodged in your dog’s throat or intestinal system and cause a trip to the vet to remove them, sometimes via surgery, and have even caused death. It is OK to give your dog these toys if they are not voracious chewers and are being supervised. There now are toys that are made without stuffing so that dogs can have ‘fluff’ toys or ‘stuffed’ animal toys without the danger of the stuffing. They are also a pain to clean up!

Interactive toys make your dog have to work somehow for some type of reward. Chew toys, puzzle toys, and fetch toys. I am including chew toys in this category because the reward for your dog is the ability to destroy the toy/treat. Fetch toys do require you to play with your dog, but they are still interactive and puzzle toys are generally self sufficient toys for your dog. Puzzle toys generally have a reward of treats or other toys for the dog. The dog has to figure out how to get the treats or toys out of the main toy. This is usually done by dropping, rolling, or chewing the main toy. As the dog does this, treats or toys come out of the main toy and reward your dog for all of his or her hard work.

Interactive toys are great way to occupy your dogs time. They are great for when your dog is in his or her kennel or when they are in need of something to do. They make your dog have to ‘think’ in order to ‘solve’ the puzzle (get the reward). Your dog needs to have mental stimulation as well as physical stimulation or he or she will not truly ever be tired and satisfied.

Here is a list of some good Interactive toys and chews for your dog:

  • Kong – you can stuff it and it’s good for chewers
  • Kong Wobbler
  • Kong Genius
  • Kyjen Iqube
  • Kyjen Intellibone
  • Kyjen Hide a Toy
  • Busy Buddy toys by Premier Products
  • Atomic Treat Ball
  • Kong (R) fetch toys
  • Buster Food Cube
  • Tough Turtle Puzzle Plush
  • Iq Treat Ball
  • Starmark Everlasting Treat Ball and Beanie Ball
  • Jolly Pets Teaser Ball
  • Seek-a-Treat Flip N Flop Dog Puzzle Toy
  • Stuffed Marrow Bones
  • Bully sticks – safer than rawhide
  • Rope toys – good for flossing your dog’s teeth
  • Nylabone

Here are some good Fluff toys for your dog:

  • Tuffy Toys
  • Skineez Stuffing Free Dog Toys

If you stick to the above lists for toys for your dogs, or do your own research to find the right toys for your dog, you will not only save yourself money but you could save your dog’s life!

Remember that a tired dog is a good dog with a happy owner!

Selling Your Ideas – Handmade Toys

A lot of people buy handmade toys online. This makes it convenient for people who lack time to stop by the local store. If you want to sell your handmade toys online, you will need to know that uploading a simple photo of your creation online is not enough to keep things going. Here are some things you need to do to able to sell your handmade toys:

1. If you are going to sell toys online, you will need to specify the parts of your item. What does a box of toy car parts contain? You will need to specify as well for what age group the toy is for. A lot of people are concerned about the quality of toys they sell to their children. If the item is painted, it can be an advantage to mention what type of paint you used to finish those handmade toys. Toys are fun, but you need to make your clients safe.

2. If you plan to sell handmade toy cars via the net, you will have to specify what material you used for the vehicle and if the parts are detachable as well. You will need to specify how many batches of handmade toys you and the reason why you need to specify the number of batches. Some toymakers mention the number of batches mainly for quality reasons. In this case, when you sell your hand made toy cars, specify the number of parts in a set and the number of batches you will make.

3. When you sell your creations online, specify how long will take for the customers to get their orders. Specify as well what they will receive from the set, if any. Other than that, give them as well a certificate of authenticity that your handmade toys are original and the quality of the products you make are good.

4. You can use your site to upload photos of your creations. If you upload the photos in an online store, you can check if you can put a link to your blog. This makes it more personal for your potential buyers in purchasing your products. You can put there the studies for your latest creations, what inspires you and the toy fairs you have been to.

5. Know if there are toy laws in your area. If you plan to sell your handmade toys, you need to know the laws in your area if they cover the toy business. Know your rights as a handmade toymaker and to make yourself credible. Look for handmade toy groups online or that are located in your area. Establish a network with local artisans and handicraft makers.