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Custom Plush Toys – Two Important Numbers That You Should Have

If you are a plush toy manufacturer, there are a lot of numbers that you should know. Of course, you need to know the numbers that will show if you are succeeding or not. This means that you should know how many custom plush toys you’re selling and how much you are spending to sell them. But there are two sets of numbers that is very important if you’re selling plush stuffed toys. You should have a phone AND fax number.

Most people have their personal phone number. But for your business, you should have a separate phone number that you’ll use as a plush toy manufacturer. That’s a very basic thing to have. A sign of success is to have people calling you every single day for orders of custom plush toys. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to have them calling your personal line especially if you’re doing personal stuff. You want to be able to separate personal calls from those calls about your plush stuffed toys. It will be easier to measure your success that way. Besides, it’s more professional if you have a business phone line. Then there are a lot of services that you can take advantage of to make it more professional. You can hire a receptionist or if you want to save money, a virtual receptionist or answering machine service will do.

Usually, most people call a plush toy manufacturer because they have some questions. If you’ve been doing your job of marketing and promoting your website, then a lot of people would have seen your custom plush toys online. Now, it would be a good idea to put everything that there is to know about your plush stuffed toys on your website. But usually, people would have a question or two before they order from you. Sure, they can contact you via your email address but you can easily lose prospective customers from the time that they send the email to the time that they receive your answer. So if you have a business phone number available, they can easily call you and get their questions answered at once.

A fax number is also important if you’re a plush toy manufacturer. Let’s face it. Not everyone has Internet access. Also, not everyone is comfortable with ordering online. So you have to give them another option. A good option for them is via fax. So you can set up a fax machine so that you can receive orders through it. If you prefer, there are fax services that you can link to your email. It’s a good way to link the wonders of technology and the comfort that fax offers to your prospective customers. This will give you a chance to be able to offer your custom plush toys to more people.

These are very basic services that you need to set up. Being basic, they’re usually inexpensive. But the benefits are endless. You can get more orders for your plush stuffed toys with them. As a plush toy manufacturer, more orders is what you need. So if you’re in the business of custom plush toys, be sure to set up a business phone and fax number. It’s in your best interest to do so.

Toy Vending Machines – Great Way to Earn Money

I believe everyone is familiar with the scenario wherein parents drag their children away from mall toy vending machines.

Some parents even reward their kids with a couple of golden coins so that they can buy a bouncy ball or a sticky clap-hand toy from the vending machine.

The dominion of vending machines has been around for much longer than you most likely realize; as far back as 215BC to be exact!

Sure this one wasn’t a toys vending machines device that handed out brightly colored playthings or anything remotely exciting as candy, coffee or sodas.

The Greek mathematician Hero invented a machine to vend holy water in Egyptian temples!

In 1880, Londoners had machines that dispense post cards and was already coin operated.

The well-known round candy gumball vending machine was introduced in 1907.

In the 40s and 50s Cola Giants Pepsi and Coca-Cola produced classic vending machines on the streets.

There’s absolutely no doubt that the toys vending business is a most profitable one, and like all vending machine operations is relatively simple to start, operate and manage.

Parents, grand-parents and an endless host of other doting adults can always be relied upon to spend money on children. And what do children adore? Candy, soda and toys!

Another reason why vending toy machines are such a winner is that parents are growing more concerned about what foods their children eat on their snacks. Since toys give children more time playing – thus exercising these may help combat obesity in children which is why parents are growing concerned on health food choices.

This kind of information along with snippets of vending business tips and techniques can mean the difference between success and failure in the vending business.
Do you know what type, style, and color of toys children are most attracted to inside vending machines?

What about the guardians of these mini-troupers that will ultimately make you rich; how do you get them to keep feeding coins into your toys vending machines slots? Typically vending toy machines comes in two styles.

The Goodness of Vintage Toy Collections

If you are one who simply loves vintage toys, then it would be best to start a toy collection that is focused in antique and vintage toys. Vintage toy collections have been considered of great value by many toy collectors all over the world. Completing and maintaining a vintage toy collection is not a very easy job to do. Even getting started with the whole process can be really tricky. However, if you know about the basic principles and ideas that govern toy collecting, you will surely get your way around it easily. If you want to start collecting toys, and if you want to be sure that the collection you will set up is of incomparable value, a vintage toy collection is absolutely recommendable.

Vintage toys are essentially those that have been produced in the past – and will never be reproduced again. Although some toy makers may recreate classic toys with the same classic design, you can never consider it the same. Basically, a toy should be old enough for it to be considered as authentically vintage. Toys that have been produced during the 1950s (and below) are considered as vintage – and absolutely unique and one of a kind. Toy collectors who have antique toy items, as well as new ones, can definitely see and prove the difference. A vintage toy collection can have a lot of kinds of toys in it. You may find a vintage toy collection that house old British stamps, antique board games, and wooden soldier figures, among many others.

Finding and buying old toys and games may be a little difficult – and pricey, too. However, if you really want to have a valuable toy collection, you would be more than willing to exert the effort of looking for great finds as well as spend for it. Looking for vintage toys and games must start by knowing where to look.

You may search for auctions and sales going on in your area. A lot of toy collectors choose to sell and trade some of their toys for others’ benefit, too. Aside from toy collectors, you may also meet toy sellers with whom you can also establish business relationships with. If you become successful with establishing a relationship with sellers and fellow collectors, they will most probably consider you and your collection the next time they setup an auction or sale. They might reserve great finds that they know will fit your collection.

Aside from auctions and sales in your area, it is also best to check the Web for online auctions and sellers. A lot of sellers and collectors value the importance and advantage of the Internet and most of them would opt to offer their toys online rather than going through the hassles of setting up an actual auction. You can also find highly valuable vintage items from sellers and collectors online. All you need to do is communicate with the sellers and collectors very well. If possible, ask them to meet with you so you can check their items personally.

A vintage toy is at its highest value if the previous owner was able to preserve it unopened. However, finding unopened toys is really difficult and although you may find some, they may come in really high prices. You may also search for opened toys but with preserved and maintained packaging.

Collecting vintage toys can be absolutely fulfilling. All you have to do is look for the best sellers and collectors who are willing to share their collectibles with fellow collectors like you.