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5 Tips to Choose the Best Baby Toys

The importance of Baby Toys is enormous in a baby’s life. Besides getting entertained, babies also learn a lot while playing with his toys. Baby Toys can make your child laugh with joy, it can stop your baby from crying, and it can make your baby busy while without your special attention, and it can also educate him without a failure. However, how to choose a most suitable toys for your beloved baby?

1. Safety is the key to healthy baby toys
The prime factor to choose a healthy Baby Toys for your child is safety. Please check below:
- Are the toys made with toxic plastic or fabric?
- Are there any quality guarantee?
- Are there loose parts from the toys that could cause a choking hazard?
- Could the toys fit inside a toilet paper roll, if yes, it might choke a baby.
- Could little fingers get pinched?
- Is your child too large in physical body to safely play with the toys or equipments?

2. Choose the Baby Toys according to Baby’s interest
It is important to choose baby toys according to your baby’s interest. In usual cases, for kids under 18 months like mobiles, soft books, noisemakers, busy boxes, activity tables, stacking toys and push-and-pull toys. However, it is important for you to observe your baby’s preference, and notice what interests your child. Does he like to pretend to drive a vehicle? Does she like to build with blocks? Does he enjoy stories about the farm? Being aware of your baby’s interests and making choices based on those interests shows that you respect your child’s feelings and value her ideas.

3. Choose the Baby Toys according to Baby’s age development
It is also essential to choose baby toys according to your baby’s age development, and buy the toys with reference to the instruction labels on it. Assuming that your baby is at the stage of development that is usual for his age, the information on instruction label gives you a basis to evaluate the toys. Read the instruction label on the toys packing box with the recommended ages. However, you are the one who knows the most about your baby. You are the only one to consider whether the toys are appropriate or not. For an instant, your child may be behind most three-year-olds in physical development, but may be well ahead in language development. Consider these differences as you make your choices for toys.

4. Choose Baby Toys that are educational
In fact, within the first four years of life, children develop a full 50% of their adult intelligence! That’s how fast their brains are growing. Besides having fun, baby toys encourage the creativity, coordination, emotional and social resilience. So it is important to choose toys with educational purposes. These toys will help to develop the self-confidence in your baby.

Toys that foster the imagination are great for both boys and girls, toys like blocks or stacking cups can be very educational. They are designed to stimulate your baby’s brain and sense of coordination as well as help with item recognition. There are blocks with animals, abstract shapes, cars and instruments inside. Indeed, toys are one of the best friends that a baby may ever have.

5. Choose Baby Toys that help your baby learn about the real world
Besides, educational purposes, some baby toys can help your baby learning about real-life skills. It can be accomplished through providing toys that mirror real life. For example, Baby Einstein Video and DVDs such as Baby Da Vinci: From Head to Toe, Baby Einstein Neighborhood Animals, Baby McDonald A Day on the Farm, Baby Neptune Discovering Water, Discovering Shapes, Baby Shakespeare – World of Poetry, Baby Mozart – Music Festival. They are the ideal platforms for your baby to learn about the real world, about the animals in the world and the water world, get knowledge about our body from head to toe, get in touch with the beautiful poems from Shakespeare and wonderful music from Mozart. For these kinds of baby toys, don’t worry about whether a toy is for a boy or a girl. Consider instead what the baby will be learning using the toys.

Educational Toy Magazines

Magazines serve as the mirror of all the current trends and contemporary events, consisting of articles, and discussions reflecting all the regular aspects of a chosen topic, or area of discussion. Moving on the same lines, educational toy magazines also serve the same purpose concerning the market and emergence of new toys. These magazines also can serve as a guide for the first time parents, who are confused about which toy to buy for their child, or which toy has become one of the most popular educational toys, on the shelf.

Various toy magazines inform about the different educational toys, prevalent in the market with a full description about their entertaining functionalities, with the educational aspect hidden behind them This is particularly helpful because, it is not always possible for the parents to visit all the stores and check all the toys to decide on one. A magazine, in this case, can be very useful in providing an overall picture of the market. The magazines list the various price ranges and discount offers classified by store names and time periods.

The magazines often employ consumer goods critics and thus, when it comes to the toy business they announce any discrepancies or harmful results observed by using any of these toys. They conduct surveys and report all the issues related to any particular toy. This in turn acts as a guide about the banned and harmful toys, and warns the parents against buying them. Most of these magazines contain editorial columns written by the directors of reputed toy companies, which assure and inform customers about the companies and the toys manufactured by them. Often these columns include discussions about ways to improve educational purposes of toys, and how they can be best utilized by the parents.

A number of educational toy magazines are available on the market, dealing with various aspects of these toys and guiding the parents on the best ways to use them for their children. However, it is advisable to compare and check at least two magazines, instead of relying on any one completely and going by its conclusions when making a major purchase or decision.

Running a Home Base Business From Home – Making Your First Million

Operating a home base business from home may seem to be a very feasible idea. First thing with going into any kind of business, it is crucial that you are conscious of the characteristics of a good business idea and how you can manufacture one. What are the things that make a home base business successful? Customers’ needs being met is a good sign of a winning business. Besides if you do not meet their needs, they will surely go else where. You have to first get the attention of the customer by offering something of interest.

In today’s time it is important to be able to satisfy the customer if you want to have a prosperous home base business. This is not always an easy thing to figure out.

You have to do some research, some research and some more research. This is a very important step in deciding what type of home base business you will implement. Continue to read for some important pointers on running a business from home.


You have to come up with a grand business design. On a day to day basis, if you just pay attention to what the people are talking about will steer in the correct direction. Let’s take for example, the elderly. What are their most talked about need or want. Well I overheard some of them talking about not having enough energy to do the things that they wanted to do. One of the couples that were involved in that conversation started talking about a liquid vitamin that they were taking and how wonderful it tasted and all of the energy they had. They said the only problem with it is they had to place order and sometimes it would take as long as a week to receive it. I stayed around long enough to hear the name of the product and went straight to the internet to do my research on the product. I found out the product had an excellent rating and there were minimum complains. I became a distributor and placed a small order to see if it was good as the elderly couple said it was. Turned out to be a great product that I still use today. I jumped right on that idea because I thought of all of the “Baby Boomers” generation. They just refuse to slow down their pace of living, so I figured they would need a vitamin supplement. So you see how easy it can be to make your first million.


There are a number of ways to make it happen for you. There was this friend of mind that had two kids that always wanted every toy that was advertised on television. In trying to be a super mom, she would buy them a lot of toys that would excite the kids for about a day or so. She spent a lot of money in toys. Ok, one of her neighbors was giving her kids a birthday party and wanted to borrow some of her kids toys. Oh, yes she did ask because she wanted the birthday party to be special and wanted to have lots of interesting toys. So this started my friend to thinking about the number of mothers that could not to afford to purchase all of the latest toys for a one day event. She figured out a way that she could rent the high price toys for a one day event. Yes she has a very profitable business of renting very expensive toys for a one day event. She also said that it was a very rewarding business and has helped numerous mothers to save money by renting the toys that they needed. By the way, now that she can rent the toys her kids asked for, she only buy the ones that they really like.


Like I said in the beginning of this article, DO YOUR RESEARCH! This is one of the most important parts of running a business from home. I do not want you to think that its’ a piece of cake, when you start a home base business. Jumping into a home base business can be a chancy matter and too often we do not have the funds to just throw away on our mistakes that are made. DO YOUR RESEARCH!


It would be very rare for you to be the first to think of a new home base business, but it is possible. You might be the first to try this type of home business in your geographical area. Your zeal or obsession with a product is not the way to decide which home base business will work for you. Look at the pros and cons and do your research.

In order to be successful with starting home base businesses do not try to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes you can get carried away with the idea that you will produce a new product as well as trying to start a new business now. If the product does not meet the needs of your customers, you may destroy your business before you can get it off the ground. Before you spend a penny, determine the needs of your potential customers do your research on the product and have a written implementation plan (Business Plan). Now it time to get started with your home base business. God Bless!