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Promoting Your Business With Custom Plush Toys

Looking for a unique, creative way to promote your business or product? Want something prospective clients will find appealing and memorable? Try a custom-made plush toy!

The Advantages of Custom Plush

As a business owner, you want to stand out. A plush toy replica of your mascot, owner, or product will attract attention among the proliferation of calendars, pens, and business cards. Unlike a card, it will be displayed, not forgotten in a pocket. Unlike an ad, it won’t capture the customer’s attention-only to be forgotten minutes later. Your toy makes your business visible. A customer searching through the list of plumbers in the phone book is more likely to remember the company whose mascot is a bear wielding a wrench. If that bear is realized in a plush toy, the business becomes even more memorable. Your toy is the “face” of your business. It creates an image of your organization: accessible, friendly, and caring. This is especially useful if people find your business intimidating, such as dentistry or automotive repair. Plush is also versatile. You can create any item imaginable: sporting goods, buildings, tools, vehicles, etc. Custom plush also comes in many forms, such as magnets, ornaments, “fuzzy dice,” or key chains.

Promoting with Your Custom Stuffed Toy

There are many ways you can use a plush toy to promote your business. Hand them out when you make sales calls. Mail small items to potential customers, along with your business information. Scatter them as decorations throughout your showroom; allow children to play with them while customers browse. Offer them for sale as souvenirs of a restaurant, B&B, museum, or other tourism-related business. Selling your product from a booth at a farmer’s market, antique show, fair, or flea market? Offering your company mascot attracts children and reminds customers who to contact when they need your services again. If you have a brick-and-mortar operation, sell your custom toy at the register, or give them away as premiums. A dentist or physician can award small toys for a good check-up (or to soothe an anxious child). Hospitals can use them to comfort young patients. Hand out a small custom-made plush toy in your salon to commemorate that first haircut. Promotion possibilities are endless!

Choosing Your Plush Toy

First, have a clear vision of your toy. Create a memorable mascot which reflects your business; “test market” it with friends and trusted customers for feedback. To avoid copyright issues, make sure your mascot isn’t too similar to that of another company.

Now it’s time to find a producer for your stuffed toy. Choose a company with a reputation for quality and reliability. Check their online gallery for examples of past work. Ensure your toy is made with safe, long-lasting materials and quality workmanship. Ask about customer support: will the company provide you with marketing ideas, and be available to answer questions? Finally, hire a company which includes you in every step of the design process, working closely with you until your custom-made plush toy matches your vision.

Explore the promotional possibilities of plush products!

Educational Toys – Toys That Comes With Extra Advantages

The toy business is among those manufacturing industries that have a very huge market across the globe and have annual sales that amount to millions if not billions, what with the presence of children all over the world whose parents are more than willing to satisfy the whims of their beloved little ones. After all, children will only be children once.

If you compare today’s toys to the ones of yesteryears, you will find that they have advance dramatically. Today’s toys are tailored to the needs of their chief customer which are children and they have become less threat to the well being of children too. That is why, with the help of today’s technology, toys are enhanced ever so often.

In choosing for toys, it is crucial that parents don’t just buy any toy that their children would like to have. A parent should choose toys that would promote the well-being of the child (and this is deemed as responsible parenthood), and there are many toys of this kind that are out in the market. Parents should be keen in buying children’s educational toys so that their sons and daughters wouldn’t grow up to be attached to material things as source of happiness. The choice of toys should be those that would aid in the various aspects involving a child’s growth and development.

You can follow these simple guidelines of buying toys that will aid your children in his or her learning experience:

o Go for toys that cultivates learning and interactions
Toys that encourage development of skill motor as well as relate them to their actual relationship with family members are toys such as doll house, a tea set, non-toxic clay and those building and developing toys such as Lego. Toys that stimulate a child’s imagination such as the ones they can wear are also good. These are like costumes which encourage the child to do role play when putting them on.

o Let your children choose from the variety of choices
Now this one doesn’t necessarily suggest that parents spoil their child by buying them so many toys. No, just present some that you think would stimulate their curiosity and interest. Observe which toy really catches their fancy and then focus on buying that particular kind of toy. Your children are not really aware that you are trying to educate them with the toys that you are letting them to have. The children’s chief goal of wanting to have a particular toy is for sheer fun. They just simply want to have fun and since educational toys are no boring stuffs, it’s up for parents to choose from a variety of options. There are those that make children distinguish one color from another, there are those that make them identify pictures, there are also toys that teach basic science concepts and arithmetic know-how (like multiplication tables). You might be even surprised to find out that educational games could be both entertaining and engaging and your children will surely playing with it.

There are two types of toys that are highly recommended for parents who are in their quest to find the perfect educational toys:

o Toy musical instruments
I’m sure parents have seen those miniature guitars, toy xylophones and pianos, flutes and drums. Music has known to have a favorable effect in the growth and development of a child. Think of those women who listen to classical music during their pregnancy. According to some studies conducted, children who get exposed to music and learn basic ways of producing one with an aid of a musical instrument at an early age tend to excel in academics later on particularly in the science and math areas.

o Chalkboards
Noticed how much children love to scribble and draw? By having chalkboards, not only you encourage your child to develop their writing skills, you also give them an alternative to the walls in your house. A chalkboard would usually have alphabets on the top part of it so in a way you also get them to be familiarize with it.

Whatever toys that you choose for your children, bear in mind that with you sharing the their joy of playing will only make the experience more beneficial for both you and your children.

Selling Wholesale Toys – Making Money For Kids!

Playtime is one of the most important constituents of childhood development. Children play in a different of ways with a number of distinct toys. Each activity has a diverse effect on development. Toys and other objects are influential extensions of a young child since they help improve the mental, physical, emotional and social development of children. Indeed, toys are key tools for the development of children’s fantasy, thoughts and creativity.

A lot of the parents are concerned with the development of their children. Parents prefer to have their children grow mentally and physically fit but not all of them are capable of buying the diverse toys their children want. As of the crisis nowadays, acquiring those toys would just be impossible to hand over. However, wholesale toys have just arrived on time to answer this dilemma.

Wholesale toys from wholesale suppliers have different categories, for children as well as for the adults, are available. Online selling engages a place in the toy industry because most customers prefer to look through the website rather than travel to shopping malls. This could be a good online venture to start with using the skill of communication between the suppliers and the consumers.

Putting up an online business that offers an array of different wholesale toys will allow the customers to explore and find the kind of toys they need. To have them realized a certain online store has to be attractive. Its home page has to be fully enhanced with advertisement incorporated with good customer feedbacks. It is just a matter of determination from the retailer’s end to have his business prosper or not. What he has to make sure is to partner with the reliable wholesale suppliers who will offer him high-quality products at very affordable prices for his satisfied consumers.

Besides, suppliers are required to have their products meet or exceed applicable standards so there is nothing to worry about the quality of the products. These are regularly tested and shipment is done by the wholesale dropshippers themselves.

With this kind of venture, it’s actually helping the children’s development while gaining profit from one end. What a great business indeed.