3 Tips in Importing Toys From China

Did you know that China is the United States’ leading exporter of toys? As a matter of fact, the US Census Bureau recently released a list of top 10 products that are exported to the country from China. Next to computer parts and accessories, China exported about $27.58 billion worth of toys and other sporting goods in 2007 alone.

That is probably because China makes some of the best and unique toys and sporting goods in the world. Take for example jump ropes, kites, yo-yos, dominos and Mah Jong. These are all Chinese original toys and games but popular and widely used all across the globe.

In addition, most toys today are manufactured in China. Take a look at the back of your favorite toy truck at home and see if you can find the embossed “made in China.” They might come from France, Switzerland or the US but still they are mostly made in China. Indeed, importation of toys from China to the United States is a huge business.

So if you are thinking of getting into this business, expect that it isn’t going to be very simple. However, there are basic tips and steps that you can do to make the job a lot easier.

Tip # 1 Study and learn all the current international trade laws.

Like any business, the import trade involves money, lots and lots of money. You don’t want to flush money down the toilet by doing frequent preventable mistakes. Follow the importing rules for the US as well as the exporting regulations that China imposes. Find out what particular games and how many Chinese toys that your country allows to import from China.

Tip # 2 Explore and evaluate your country and China’s toy market.

Look for the best, safest, high quality and most suitable imported toys. Find out the recent trend in toys and games. With regard to this matter, you can solicit the help and advice of a determined and trustworthy Chinese agent. But the best solution is to go to China so you can personally assess the toy market there.

By going to China, you’d also have the opportunity to look for retailers as well as toy merchants. Remember, it is in this very stage that you don’t want to commit the mistake of importing substandard toy products.

Tip # 3 Seek for highly reputable sourcing companies.

Such companies deal with the import and export trade and often have offices in both countries in order to easily facilitate importation of goods. And to deal with the customs charges, you can hire a customs broker.