Best Wooden Toys for Spring / Summer 2014

Keeping your children busy and safe through the summer / spring holiday is of importance to us and to help you avoid unnecessary last minute rush especially if you are a busy parent, we took time out to create a list of beautiful wooden toys that are guaranteed to keep your little ones entertained and excited for as long as they wish.

There are many ways in which you can keep your children entertained during the holidays, its either you spend quality time playing with your children with their favourite toys or you do something else. But because this article is based on toys, we are going to limit ourselves to it.

There are three different types of toys, namely: soft toys, wooden toys and plastic toys. All of these toys are aimed at helping a child to develop in some way in their first year.

Many parents go the whole hug in getting the best for their children; however, there are things to be considered when thinking of which toys to get for your children.

Firstly, you want the toys to be educative and most importantly you want your children to learn vital skills and also have fun playing with the toys. Every toy is designed to be interactive so that the parents can play with their children with the toys, but not all toys are safe for the children without parental supervision. Our article is going to be strictly about wooden toys, why? you may ask.

Wooden toys have been around since the century and they are good investment for children. Out of all the three types of toys, traditional wooden toys remain high on many parental wish-lists. Due to the advantages and developmental benefits of wooden toys, many parents prefer to use them at home because they are often perceived to be safer, sturdier and long-lasting than their plastic equivalents. Wooden toys can last for many years and are often passed down from generation to generation which makes them great value for money. There are many fantastic skills that a child can learn from using these classic toys which they cannot learn by using electronic toys. For example, “shape sorter.” A child can develop a pre-reading and pre-writing skill by using a shape sorter. It helps a child to learn how to match the right shape to go through the right hole which is also known as “shape recognition”. It’s helping a child to recognise shape of letters and making words.

Toys made from wood never really go out of fashion; they are both unique and traditional. With so many online businesses launching new website and selling traditional wooden toys, it is no surprise that toys made from wood have refused to go out of fashion, they are here to stay.

We have therefore help in selecting from an array of wooden toys the under-listed items to ease your trouble in picking or making a choice for your children.

Wooden toys for summer / spring 2014

  • Picnic basket with metal dishes
  • tricycle
  • Noah’s ark
  • fishing game
  • Kitchen mobile
  • building blocks
  • Multi-storey garage