Bratz, Barbie, Crazy Frog, Are Toy Stocks Running Low This Christmas?

For one night each year all across the world children wait in anticipation for that one special moment – the arrival of Santa Claus. For weeks even months in some cases parents here the constant ‘I want this’ ‘I want that’ of their children requesting their favourite toy for this coming Christmas.

For most parents however the problem lies in availability of cash funds. Most wait until the last few weeks before Christmas until they can afford to start purchasing toys for their child. The problem that then occurs is the low stocks of all the popular toys in the shops and on the internet.

For instance the top ten most popular toys list was published by the Toy Retailer Association last month. Amongst the list were toys such as Crazy Frog the Annoying Thing, Barbie Magic of Pegasus Princess Annika, Monopoly Here and Now board game and Bratz Rock Angelz.

Upon trying to locate Crazy Frog the Annoying Thing on Saturday 19th November amongst toy retailers I was unsuccessful due to the item being out of stock. One month before Christmas day and stocks are already running low. In fact toys that were not even in the top ten list such as Sylvanian Families Willow Hall are also out of stock in the shops.

Why is this? A similar problem also occurred last year with the Barbie Princess and the Pauper range. Barbie Princess and the Pauper Erika could not be found anywhere for the month running up to Christmas. Is it just a matter of manufacturers not making enough of these toys or the shops fault for not buying enough toy stock?

It could be possible that demand for particular toys such as Crazy Frog the Annoying Thing, Bratz Rock Angelz and Barbie the Magic of Pegasus is not calculated as highly as what it actually is. This is certainly the case with the Sylvanian Family range this Christmas, which did not even make the top twelve wanted toy list.

How is it then possible to know what is going to be popular each year? The answer must be based on previous years top toys and factors that all of these toys have in common.

For this year the ‘Toy Retailer Association’ estimated that B Daman Tournament Set would be the most popular toy.
According to the Toy Retailer Association “Toy sales for boys aged five and over amounted to £626m in the last 12 months to June 2005 or 30% of the total toy business. The most popular category is Action Figures with the likes of Power Rangers or Star Wars taking the lion’s shares”.
They also stated that “The end of the year is expected to reveal a new strong playground craze in the shape of B-Daman (Hasbro) which will compete with other hot licenses such as Simpsons, Batman and vehicles brands, all with strong innovation”.

This certainly does seem to be the case. Star Wars will certainly be difficult to beat but when a toy is advertised a great deal (such as Bratz with Bratz Rock Angelz, Bratz Babyz and Bratz Step Out) all children want it and when one child wants it every other child wants the same toy.

The battle between Bratz and Barbie as been an interesting one. The amount of advertising for both Bratz ranges and Barbie ranges as been incredible. All of this advertising is of course aimed at children. Both dolls have their main ranges out for Christmas – Bratz with Bratz Rock Angelz, and Barbie with Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus.

Which will girls choose for Christmas this year? Bratz dolls are very meticulously designed and ranges such as Bratz Ooh La La and Bratz Step Out are aimed at certain audiences and certain ages. The Bratz dolls have been created with the modern ‘girl’ in mind. Lil Bratz has even been created for younger girls.
Bratz are funky, dressed in cool fashions and the Bratz accessories are out of this world. There is also a doll for every one of all ethnic backgrounds.

Barbie on the other hands is an old time favourite amongst girls. The Barbie doll as been around for decades and knocking Barbie off her number one spot will be a difficult task for Bratz. The Barbie Princess and the Pauper range were fantastic last year and proved very popular. However it was common knowledge that Bratz took quite a chunk of the Barbie market last Christmas.

Will it be the same this year? Barbie has a fantastic range out for Christmas this year – Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus with lines such as Barbie Magic of Pegasus Princess Annika, Cloud Queen Rayla, Prince Aidan and Flying Horse Brietta. Will this top last years Barbie range and beat Bratz Rock Angelz with all their fabulous Bratz Rock Angelz accessories?

Only time will tell. It is interesting however to see that the battle between these two notorious dolls is heating up and the good thing about it, is that the more it heats up the better the ranges will become so our children will benefit.

It is quite clear to see that there are low stocks of toys each year and each year it seems that the shops are running out earlier and earlier. Something does need to be done and one can only assume that the problem lies in the hands of the manufacturers.

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