Choosing a Quality Ferret Toy

Ferrets like any other pets can inspire their owners. They make loving and playful pets more like cats and dogs. They also need pampering at some point where toys come essential, since part of a pet is well-being is not only to care for their basic necessities but also paying attention to their play needs as well. This is important for a well-mannered ferret to bring joy into your home.

Ferret toys keep our pets busy and happy. If we are too tired to play with them, the toys can well suffice this need. It is more like giving them their much needed break as it fosters exploration, it satisfies their curiosity, and more often than not, it makes them intelligent domesticated pets.

Like choosing baby toys, it is essential that we put particular attention to safety for the ferret and for the family members as well. Smaller parts which can be swallowed are definitely dangerous and risky. Hard plastic is often a popular requirement since ferrets like to chew and nibble on their toys.

There are the 5 most common toys appropriate for a ferret his lifestyle and needs and are detailed as follows:

1. Balls and noisemakers. Ferrets, as playful creatures, like noise and respond better to moving objects as it encourages them more to play. Fleece is also considered a popular favorite among our ferret friends that these can serve as double purpose – a sleeper and as a climbing toy to play with. Never choose rubber since the chewed bits can pose a choking threat.

2. Ordinary cardboard boxes which are unused and considered trash or scrap are your most inexpensive items for ferret toys. Ferrets will surely love to play with these that are otherwise considered as scrap.

3. Baby toys like rattles and teething rings are also fun toys for ferrets. These are not difficult to find and there are cheaper ones available online.

4. There are also play tents and houses that are available that are just some of the best toys for your ferrets. They have colorful structures, tunnels and domes which ferrets love to play with and can actually make them smart.

5. Hammocks serve a dual purpose of being a toy and a sleeping area in one. These are good distractions for your ferrets if in case you are too busy or too tired to play with them. Fleece is a common favorite.

These popular types of ferret toys make very ideal past times for our ferret friends. Though on the other hand, there are just items that we are best left to avoid. These are the ones made of latex or the ones only fit for dogs and cats. Latex made toys are easily torn and chewed, remember that ferrets have finer sets of teeth compared to dogs that once it chips off it poses as a choking hazard in the future. Toys with tinier parts like logo pieces or any tiny parts are also choking hazards that we can well avoid. As a last note, it is always advisable to have someone to monitor these ferrets while playing with hanging or suspended toys. Plus, it is a good and safe idea to monitor or supervise your ferrets while playing with hanging or suspended toys.