Custom Plush Toys – Monthly Memberships and Newsletters

There are a lot of things that you can do to take advantage of the popularity of custom plush toys. Of course, the plush stuffed toys themselves can ensure success for you. But why stop there? You can expand your business through several ways. If your focus is selling your products offline, you can expand your line and offer products that complement your plush toys. But what if you’re also selling online?

Even online you can continue to do the majority of the things that you do offline for your custom plush toys. But there are other things that you can offer to your customers to complement your plush stuffed toys – paid and free. While your plush toy manufacturer can help you with a lot of things, there are things that you should do yourself. Here are a couple of things that you can do:

1. Offer monthly memberships

Now, this is a paid service that you can offer to your customers. Why would you want to offer them memberships? It can provide you added income. Better yet, it can provide you a steady stream of monthly income on top of your sales from the custom plush toys. This is especially helpful during lean seasons. A reliable plush toy manufacturer would have a lot of things that they offer to complement your order. You can follow their lead or get ideas from them to see what you can offer to your customers who avail of the monthly membership. It can be promotions, discounts, or even monthly gifts. You can also offer additional services or products. Better yet, you can have a “Members Only” part of your website that is full of tips and information on how to succeed in plush stuffed toys. These give them the edge against their competitors. It can also improve their chances of being able to sell your custom plush toys.

2. Newsletters

This is usually a free service that you offer to your site’s visitors. For it to be effective, a sign-up form should be visible on your website. They can sign up to get information about deals and promotions. Since you’re offering it to prospective customers as well, it’s a great way to make a sale. If you’re sending them out constantly, it’s like you’re constantly reminding them that you’re still there with a great deal and ready to take their order. Think of the time when you ordered from the plush toy manufacturer. You were probably given a lot of information. Use this strategy on your customers as well. In addition, you can also offer a paid newsletter. Now this is more targeted. Let’s say you’re selling custom plush toys of Labradors. You can offer a monthly subscription to your “Everything about Labradors” newsletter to them.

So now you see that there are effective ways for you to offer added service. It’s effective because they benefit you and everyone who’s interested in your plush stuffed toys. Use these strategies wisely and you’ll be able to establish and maintain good relationships with your customers. If you have established a good relationship with your plush toy manufacturer, then you know that maintaining and expanding your business is all about building good relationships.