Distribution of Promotional Stress Toys through Your Employees

There are many kinds of products, and some are easier to give out than others. Promotional pens, for example, can be handed out just about anywhere by just about anyone, and are often passed from person to person, creating great exposure for your company name. Mouse mats, on the other hand, are slightly more specialized, and people are likely to look askance at you if you hand them a mouse mat in a grocery line instead of a pen.

Promotional stress toys have many benefits and a wide range of appeal. They are great for any kind of worker, from the CEO down to the gardener, and can be used anywhere to help you think, relax, or just to keep you entertained when you have downtime. Even children can use and enjoy them because they are soft and easy to play with. The problem, however, is that they can be hard to hand out. They are not bulky, but are not entirely compact, either, and people who are not expecting them will not know what to do with them.

Because of this problem, employees who really have a vested interest in the success of the company and who are truly interested in taking an active part in advertising your business could be the ideal way to hand out your items. Your employees should not just hand them out from their desks, but should be encouraged to play with them themselves. Invite them to take their promotional stress toys home, and educate them on the benefits of these toys, from stress relief to merely keeping their hands busy.

Once your employees are sold on them, they will be more likely to sell others on the products as well. Invite them to take home more of the promotional stress toys, and to hand them out to people in the target demographic of your clientele. They will be glad to pass on them to family and friends, and will even feel that they are being given a perk because of the usefulness of the toys.

Even people who do not necessarily fall under the target demographic can benefit from the use of the promotional stress toys, and the use of the product in front of others including their spouses, parents, or children, can help you spread your company name even further, allowing your business to grow naturally as your products make the rounds and find their ways into new hands.

Ask people where they heard about your business when they come in for the first time. If they tell you that they got your name off of a promotional stress toy, ask them if they would like another or even a couple to pass onto their own family and friends, and invite your employees to do the same. Before long, your employees will have created a wide net of distribution for your promotional stress toys, and will have generated new business for your as well.