Dogs – The Best Toys For Energetic Dogs

Do you have a dog with lots of energy? Not sure how to channel that energy? Today’s market has a lot of dog toys to help you and you dog release some of that built up energy. There are toys for you and your dog to play with together, and toys that will challenge them mentally and help to wear them down.

Frisbee’s and tennis balls are some of my favorite dog toys for high-energy dogs. Playing fetch with your dog is not only good exercise for them; it’s a great way to build that bond that we all want with man’s best friend. When choosing a Frisbee for your do, you will want to make sure to choose one that is designed to be easy on their mouth.

Tennis balls are fun, but if you’re not used to throwing one, you can really exhaust your arm. There are several dog toys made today that are designed to make it easy for you to throw tennis balls. Many are designed in a way that enables you to pick up the ball and throw it without having to touch it, and therefore, keeps your hands clean.

Also, there are a variety of toys that will help to challenge and stimulate your dog’s mind. These will help tire him out mentally.

Kong dog toys are a great way to keep them busy for hours. It allows you to insert a treat inside the toy and will keep him thinking on how to access the treats you can also find recipes for your Kong toys that will give your dog a variety of tastes. He will be eager to discover what treasure he’ll find each time he gets his Kong.

To further stimulate the mind and body, there are also a number of toys different then the Kong where food is inserted. The dog has to maneuver this toy around the floor in order to get the hard food to fall out of the holes in the toy so he can eat it. This also helps to slow down his eating.

Also, there are interactive dog toys designed as puzzles that stimulate the brain. The mental challenge is finding the treat and how to get it. He will then need to use his physical dexterity in order to obtain the treat. He not only gets the mental challenge of finding the treat in the puzzle and figuring out how to get it, but, he will need to use his physical dexterity in order to obtain the treat.

In conclusion, I have mentioned just a few ways to help keep an energetic dog busy and happy. My favorite activity will always be playing fetch with a Frisbee. This activity will definitely keep your dog happy and fit. The end result will be a special forever bond between the two of you.