Exploring Toys For Six to Nine Months

Look out parents! At six to nine months your baby has advanced to a whole new level of play. That means you need a toy upgrade! This is the age where your baby is beginning to sit up and maybe even crawl. Your baby’s hand-eye-coordination is rapidly developing which means they can now pick up a toy and bang it on the floor. As annoying the new noise can be, it is a good sign. It also means that your baby is probably bored with their old toys and is getting interested in toys they can interact with. Activity centers, blocks, soft objects, and containers are perfect when starting your upgraded toy collection.

A stationary activity that is great for strengthening your baby’s back and neck is the play saucer. Your baby can stand or sit in the play saucer and be surrounded by gadgets that make noise, light up, and flip. This helps to fine tune the motor skills while keeping your baby occupied. Experts suggest you limit play saucer play time to twenty minute intervals so that weight is put the heels of their feet and not just their toes. Activity centers or busy boards in their crib or play pen can really excite your little one for a while and it keeps them company when they first wake up from their nap.

By this age your baby is probably more mobile and getting into everything. They are most likely knocking down everything in sight which can be nerve racking for you as parents. Fortunately soft blocks and stacking toys are perfect for your little demolition crew. You can interact with your child by building things with the blocks specifically so that your baby can knock them down! Babies love this and you will hear many squeals of delight when they have destroyed your next block building.

Containers are also great in helping your child develop spatial concepts. You will find that will be very curious as to what fits together and what does not. Your baby can learn to distinguish between different shapes and sizes. Bath toys really play a hand in this spatial development because they can see the cause and effect of their actions. Babies get to see the light toys floating and the heavy toys splashing. There are some toys that will stick to the side of the bathtub and you can see the wheels turning in your baby’s eyes as they try and figure out how that works.

Although these toys will get you started on raising the bar on your toy collection, you will turn around twice and have to buy toys for your twelve month old. Don’t worry; there is a way to keep your baby’s toys fresh and new. When your child is having playtime do not give them all of their toys at once. Give your child two or three toys out of the toy supply and then later that day replace them with two or three other toys. This makes each toy seem original and saves you from a bored fussy baby. Baby, toddler, and preschool toys that develop with your child can give your baby an edge on achieving those important milestones.