How to Use Executive Toys to Market Your Brand

When you know that you want corporate gifts for an event or to recognise the achievements of staff, it can often be difficult to take the next step. There is so much to choose from in the market that it can be hard to narrow those choices down into a relevant, brand consistent business gift.

Executive desk toys are a preserve of the business gifts industry and a successful way of sourcing a fun, entertaining item with the “fiddle factor”. They offer companies one of the most vital ingredients of marketing, visibility.

The “fiddle factor” is an elusive concept that can transport your business gifts from bin fodder into highly effective, highly visible marketing machines. It forces the recipient to put down whatever it is that they’re doing and play with the business gift that you have sent them.

So what is it about the “fiddle factor” that can make such a successful corporate gift?

It is a quality that means that your corporate gifts will grab the interest of their recipients and this quality is found in abundance with executive toys. No matter how old or young the recipient, executive toys have the ability to turn even the most sensible of executives into a big child, putting an item in front of them that they can’t help but play with.

So why is this good for you? As the company who is giving out the business gift there is one thing you want more than anything else, visibility for your brand. An executive toy with the “fiddle factor” will spend more time on your recipient’s desk, so your logo will be in the box seat right in their eye line which will further enhance your brand in their mind.

Executive toys also have the added benefit of being passed around the office once the recipient is finished with it, with co-workers looking on with interest at what is taking up so much of their colleague’s attention. That will ensure that even more members of a team that originally intended will have an interaction with your brand, making sure that you name is on the tip of their tongue should they meet to discuss their requirements that you can provide.

Executive toys tick all of the boxes of what makes a successful corporate gift, so if you are stuck for ideas then take a look at what executive toys can do for your promotion.