Learning Christmas Toys For Children 8 to 12

Looking for a great Christmas toy for an 8 to 12 year old which will help them with their life skills? Here are a few suggestions:

Blurt The Webster’s Game of Word Racing

Players as young as 7 compete to be the first to call out the word which fits the clue. On the flip side of each card is a clue suitable for younger players. Children have fun while building their vocabularies. Adults can polish up theirs as well in this fast paced family game.

Gamewright Funny Business

Merge your funny bone and your business brain with Funny Business. Select 2 cards from the pile of businesses such as barber and bakery. Players compete by writing down the name of the name merged business, then vote for the winner. For players 10+. Winner of Dr Toy award.

Famous Figures of Ancient Times: Movable Paper Figures to Cut, Color, and Assemble

Want to get your children more interested in history? Bring the ancient worlds of China, Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia, and Rome alive by learning about the lives of 20 of the most important ancient figures. The beautiful illustrations can be colored and cut out by children creating moveable figures so they can act out the lives of these conquerors, emperors and philosophers. A biography of the contribution of each person is included. This learning toys is a terrific hands on experience of history.

The Global Puzzle

Want your child to learn about the world? This is a 600 piece puzzle where each country is a piece of the jigsaw. While not every country is a separate piece (some are just too small for the scale of the puzzle) and the pieces are not a perfect reproduction of the shape, it is a great learning toy when you consider this provides not only all the fine motor skills of usual jigsaws, but it also really teaches what countries are where on the globe! Fantastic Christmas toy that can be used over and over each time, reinforcing the world map.

MythBusters Power of Air Pressure

An engaging combination of science fact and fun, the myth busters get to bottom of air pressure. The kit answers questions like: Can you stop a tornado by opening the windows of your house? Or if you can predict the weather through your bones? Parent’s Choice Award winner, for children 8 up.