Lego Star Wars Toys For Kids

Lego Star Wars the game loved by children all over the world has a fascinating history! It all started with the world famous plastic Lego bricks that can be used to build anything a child could ever dream of! In fact, Lego has been around for so long that anyone under the age of 60 has most likely played with these amazing toys!

The story begun in 1932 in a little town in Denmark called Billund! There, a carpenter named Ole Kirk Kristiansen started a small business making wooden toys and other similar things. In 1934 that Kristiansen came up with the name Lego for his toys, inspired by the Danish expression “leg godt,” that means “play well” and the Latin word Lego which means “I put together.” Business for Ole Kirk was good, but on 1942 something terrible happened! The plant burned down and he had to build it again from scratch! Not only did he manage that, but on 1944 Ole also bought an injection molding machine to make plastic toys which was the first step in the creation of the world famous Lego toys!

The first Lego bricks were made by Kristiansen back in 1949 and were called the Automatic Binding Bricks and were only sold in Denmark! They were small plastic bricks with eight or four studs on their top side. Demand for these toy was so great though that by 1950 half of Kristiansen’s business came from them! From then on, the name Lego was adopted and these amazing toys were made available all over the world!

Lego toys of today are very different to those our parents or even we played with as kids! Our kids now can visit Lego theme parks, watch Lego themed movies, or even play video games based on Lego toys! One of those games is Lego Star Wars which is based on one of Lego’s most popular and successful product lines!

The first video game was released back in 2005 and was based on the newer Star Wars movies known among fans as the prequel trilogy! The game even managed to get released a month ahead of the last movie of this trilogy, Revenge Of The Sith!

Lego Star Wars was developed by LucasArts and Eidos Interactive for pretty much every console on the market, including the PS 2, the Microsoft Xbox, and PC. It was even ported on Mac computers in August 2005!

Upon its release, Lego Star Wars received the Game of the Year award! In May 2005, it was the best selling game in the UK and it lost this post to the official Revenge Of The Sith video game!

A sequel called, Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy was released on late 2006 and a year later both the games were released together on the same disc under the name Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Video games based on the Star Wars tend to be mediocre, but these are some of the best reviewed and most loved by Star Wars fans all over the world! These video games are non violent and therefore ideal for younger kids and the best way for the Lego legacy to remain relative today!