Margaret Evans Price: The Woman Behind the Push-Pull Toys

When it comes to toys, we know that Fisher-Price Toys has been producing some of the most loved toys since 1930. I’m sure that a great percentage of us have owned at least a toy manufactured by them. What we don’t know is behind the toys is the imagination of a woman who was inspired by her own books – Margaret Evans Price. She is one of the few women who have made a dent in the toy designing industry. Who can forget the classic metal pull-push toys that were based on her books?

She was born on March 20, 1888 and she died on November 20, 1973. She lived a comfortable life with her family in New York who was very successful in business and in politics. But what helped her succeed as a toy designer? It’s her experience with writing and illustrating children’s books. Before she became the Art Director of the well-loved toy company, she was a writer and illustrator of children’s books. Among her well-loved titles are The Night Before Christmas, Hansel and Gretel and The Baby in the Manger. So what made her transition to be the Art Director of Fisher-Price Toys easy? There’s no question that books and toys go well together. She didn’t really need to change her mindset because they both help in the development of children. Margaret Evans Price has the imagination and creativity to write and illustrate books for children and the transition to designing toys were easy. She just had to use her passion for helping in the development of children and channel it to creating toys for Fisher-Price Toys. Her illustrations are very popular up to this day and she just had to channel her talent to a different industry.

Toy designing can be intimidating for some of us. But if you have the experience with child development like her, it’s going to be easy. It doesn’t necessarily have to be with books and toys. If you’re a nurse, teacher, doctor or a professional that deals with children, the transition will be easy. While it’s true that Margaret Evans Price started young when she got her first break in the children’s book industry in 1900, you can never be too old to be in the books and toys industry.

So have you written or illustrated a Children’s book? Why not go into toy designing? Ask yourself why you wanted to go into writing children’s books in the first place. I’m sure that one of the reasons is you love kids and you want to take part in their development. Take a few minutes and think of possible toy designs with the help of your experience as a writer and illustrator. That’s all you need – a few minutes.

Kids need more women like Margaret Evans Price. She, with the help of Fisher-Price Toys, helped develop children into good kids with books and toys. If you have the experience, use it to think of an idea for a toy and turn it into the next big thing. Kids will thank you for it.