Network Marketing – Discovery Toys Brings Life to Your Bank Account

Network Marketing is one of the original work at home opportunities, and provided that you can find a reputable company to work with such as Discovery Toys, it can be a great way to earn an income.

Discovery Toys has been around since 1979 and as a member of the Direct Selling Association they adhere to the code of ethics that is the cornerstone of the DSA. This means that you can trust their company to use business practices that are ethical and fair both to you the business owner and to your potential customers.

Discovery Toys supplies educational books, games, and bright colorful toys that children of any age will love. Founded by Lane Nemeth 30 years ago, the goal of her company was to provide educational toys that children could learn from and love at the same time.

Discovery Toys was created with stay at home moms in mind, by providing them distributorships and allowing for part time or full time involvement, it let moms earn an extra income while caring for their children.

If you have never seen their toys you are in for a treat, they are well made of high quality materials, colorful, well thought out with both education and fun in mind. The toys are priced realistically so they appeal to the average working family; prices on the majority of their toys are kept below the $20 mark.

If you are interested in become a Discovery Toy Consultant you will start out by purchasing their $99 starter kit which includes a sampling of toys, games and books for all ages.

As a new consultant you can expect up to a 25% profit on your sales, as you progress through the ranks that percentage can reach as much as 40%. Like all network marketing companies you also make profits through your downline or team, these are friends and clients that you recruit to be a part of your consultant team. You can expect to earn 15% on sales from anyone within your team; you will also earn bonuses for each new recruit, and income from any one that your team members recruit.

You will sell your products and recruit members through parties thrown at your home or team member’s homes, and tables at local festivals and fairs, some enterprising consultants have made a good income selling their toys through eBay and on their websites.

For more information about becoming a consultant you can visit their website where they will direct you to a consultant in your area.

Discovery Toys is a trusted member of the network marketing community, and if you are looking for a way to get into direct sales, are a natural salesperson, and have kids this could be an ideal new business for you.