The Best Companies For Educational Baby Toys

There is no doubt that educational baby toys are a good idea. With these toys you really get two great things in one. First of all you get a fun toy for your baby to play with and enjoy and that is the first thing any parent wants from their baby’s playthings. Second you get a learning device that helps in developing skills that babies need in their early years of development.

What is good about these toys is babies don’t know that they are learning life skills. They only know that they enjoy the lights, the sounds, the movements and the feel. Meanwhile they’re gaining grasping skills, learning cause and effect, color recognition, numbers and a host of other things. All these things they learn subconsciously and as babies do they hang on to what they learn.

We all know that babies will learn these skills naturally, but what educational baby toys do is help speed up that process. The quicker a child can learn this skills the quicker they can move on to more advanced skills, which can help as they continue to develop.

Okay, so what companies make the best educational toys for babies? In my research I have three that are really good at it and they are listed below.


This company was founded in 1930 and has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel since 1993. They have created approximately 5,000 different toys since they began and have several different brands including their Laugh & Learn brand that includes learning toys. They have a lot of experience in the toy business and they know what kids like and what works.

Melissa & Doug

Doug and Melissa Bernstein’s toy career began in 1988, in Doug’s parents’ garage. They pooled their life savings and founded the company. The secret to their success is their fun, simple, low-tech toys that kids love and that includes the educational ones as well.


LeapFrog Enterprises Inc. was founded in 1995 when one of the founders could not find any products that could help his son, who encountered learning difficulties at the age of three, learn to read. The company has made its number one goal to developed learning products that cover subjects like phonics, reading, writing, and math.

These companies take pride in the products they make, which includes educational baby toys. If this is the kind of toy you want for your baby, any one of these companies would be a good place to start.