The Origins Of The Most Popular Vending Machine Toys And Toy Capsules

The addition of vending machine toys and toy capsules can be beneficial to any candy, gumball, or other vending machine business. Toys such as pencil toppers, animals, charms, football helmets, rings, excite the girls and boys alike, they inspire their imaginations, and the kids are drawn to the vending machines that feature the popular toys. Kids love to touch the toys and figurines that they have only been able to see on TV, and in the movies. Sometimes, the toys can be worn and the kids love to show off and be special and different from the other kids in school and at the social events. So what are the origins of the most popular vending capsules? These are the top three vending toys: The Toy Entrepreneurs, the Hollywood Storytellers, and the Japanese Inventors. Let’s see the examples of vending toys coming out of these three sources.

The Toy Entrepreneurs: Silly Bands

Take the US company out of Ohio, Brainchild Products. They just recently invented the Silly Bandz brand of shaped silicone bracelets. What they have seen in just months after launching, is an incredible demand for such bracelets across the nation. The kids love them. They collect them, trade them, envy them. Then, the parents are not far behind. Under pressure from the kids, they will do anything to get their kids hands on Silly Bandz. The huge demand quickly sprouted a number of copycats such as Funky-Bandz, Zanybandz, Logo Bandz, Doodle Bandz, Rubba Bandz, Goofy Bands, Bama Bandz, and Stretchy Fun Bands. There is just no end to what shapes the silicone wrist bands can come in. Parents gave up on the names and refer to all shaped silicone bands simply as “silly bands”.

The Hollywood Storytellers

Every time a script makes it to the movie, the main characters are made into celebrities. They appear everywhere, on billboards, on TV, in movie theaters, bookstores, they come with your happy meal, and last but not least they will appear as toys in toy vending machines. Due to the incredible marketing machine behind each Hollywood movie, the recognition factor for Hollywood movie based figurines and toys is tremendous. Kids will instantly recognize the toys or toy capsules and will be drawn to them.

The Japanese Inventors: Squishies Pencil Toppers

The latest toy capsules vending craze coming out of Japan is small but innovative in a typical Japanese style. They are called Squishies Pencil Toppers and they are little silicone toys that can be attached on top of kids pencils to liven them up. Squishies come as squishy animals, squishy humans, squishy bugs and spiders, squishy frogs and squishy fish. Some come as light up squishies and they light up when squeezed!