Top Toy Capsule Vending Machines – Why Vending Toys Matters To Your Business

Even if you do not currently have toy capsule vending machines as a part of your portfolio of vending machines in your locations and you are not vending toys at all, you will benefit from reading this short report. We explain how the top selling toy capsules can positively impact your vending machine business. The three leverages causing added toy capsule to have a huge impact on your profits are: the Hollywood leverage, the Collectors leverage, and the Social leverage. Let’s describe these here.

The Hollywood leverage

Clearly, by installing toy capsule machines next to your regular vending machines, you will leverage the marketing power of Hollywood to raise profits in your business. The Hollywood movie and cartoon figures are everywhere, they first appear on billboards, then in the theaters everywhere. Then, you will find them in fast food places, book stores, video stores, music stores. On the internet they will appear on their own websites, on social bookmarking sites, on Facebook, Twitter, and any major social place on the internet. So by the time a kid walks by your vending machine featuring the Hollywood figurines, they will recognize the Hollywood figure and be attracted to your machine because of it. Regardless whether the Hollywood figurines are just add-on capsules inside your existing vending machine, or whether you invest in a separate toy capsule ball machine, the Hollywood leverage will work for you.

The collectors leverage

You will notice that all toy capsules for vending machines come in series of eight to twelve. Why is that? Simple – you want your young customer to come back to your machine for more. Once they get their figurine or cartoon character, there are always co-stars, and side-roles to be had as well. So they enthusiastic young collector will come back every time he or she gets some extra coins in their possession.

The social leverage

The other kids will be intrigued by the way the first child got his hands on a popular toy. They will want to have the same toy as well. The coolness factor is huge among the kids. They will learn about the location of your toy capsule vending machines and they will come in numbers. That is the first part of the social leverage. The second part starts when the trade of figurines or toys begins among the kids when they come back to school. Many will want their collections completed and they will realize the best way to get to the point is by trading with friends and classmates. This is the second part of the social leverage. The excitement of trade will be a huge word-of-mouth advertisement for your business.