ToyCon (Toy Conventions) Are Fun For The Family

Toy conventions or ToyCon are periodic gatherings of toy sellers, buyers, collectors, anime fan, costume players (cosplay) and so many other things related to kids toys. We are attending these events for a couple of years already but this year, instead of being grumpy while the kids (including the daddy who is a little boy at heart) happily scrutinize each toy booths, I decided to open my eyes a little bit and enjoy the fair myself.

At the end of the day, I thought of some good reasons why you should try these events someday:

Toy Exhibit – You won’t find these toys anywhere else and they are not for sale. It’s great seeing your favorite movie and cartoon characters (Iron Man, Superman, Thor) again as giant toy figures which really look like them. Taking photos with these toys are free.

Cos Play – Take photos with cosplayers. I don’t know if the people donning costumes for the event are being paid but it seems to me that they are all there for fun.

Collect Toys – Though most toy collectibles are still expensive, there are a lot of nice toys piled in boxes which can be bought cheap (Buy 1 Take 1, 3 for 100) and you can haggle most of the time. Teach your kids the skills of good haggling for the toys they want and you’ll see the benefits of it when they get their choice toys without you breaking your wallet.

See New Trends – It can be a nice feeling sometimes when you know who and what your kids are talking about these days. These events will give you a glimpse of their imaginary worlds and be able to open conversations. Sometimes kids have their own language which only their peers can understand. By accompanying them to toy fairs, you may be able to relate with them better and sometimes teach them with good values too.

Find New Business Opportunities – You will find it amazing how people including many teenagers can be so creative and turn their imaginations to business. You can steal some ideas yourself and who knows you’ll be one of the booth owners next time.

Bonding Time – Attending events like these with the whole family can be a good experience with lots of souvernir photos and memories to take home with. Even without spending big money, everyone will enjoy the company of each other while checking out interesting toys.