Using Plush Toys For Business Promotion

If you’re trying to think of a new way to market your business, or something more unique and creative than a simple magnet adhered to the back of your business card, you may want to consider stuffed animals. It is a customer favorite, no matter what age your audience falls into.

Plush toys aren’t just for kids-it’s hard to resist a cute, cuddly toy no matter what your age. Babies, young children, teenagers, and even older adults enjoy a sweet stuffed toy every now and then. There’s something comforting about them, and what better way to promote your business than with something your recipients will be cuddling with for years to come!

There are plenty of reasons why promoting your business with these toys is a great idea. No matter what the age of your demographic and audience, EVERYONE loves a stuffed animal! Promotional plush toys offer you an unlimited number of options for customization, and promotional stuffed animals have a lot longer presence in a house than a magnet or flimsy plastic pen.

Consider your marketing budget when you are deciding on a promotional product for your company. If you have a smaller, tighter budget to work with, consider smaller plush toys, like beanbag animals or the like, to make sure that you still get your point across with something cute and cuddly. If you plan on using the plush toys for promotional activities like fundraisers, or as prizes at a town carnival, you may want to opt for a smaller batch of larger stuffed animals.

With plush toys, you can have your company name, logo or a message on the toy. For example, you can order teddy bears with little t-shirts with your logo printed on them. Whatever you decide on, you can customize them in many more ways than just one. Your options are pretty limitless, especially since certain companies will also create mascots and plush toys from your own creative ideas. You are definitely not limited when it comes to options available when ordering your company’s plush toys for promotion.

Just remember to keep your eye on the prize-whatever investment you are making into creating these promotional plush toys, make sure that you are bound to get a return with extra customers or clients utilizing your company or services. If you invest the money with no return, you’ll want to reevaluate your business’s marketing plan and decide if trade shows are even a good idea for your company to participate in. You want to make sure that you get a great return on your initial investment.

However, when you deal with stuffed animals, chances are it’ll be sitting on a shelf in someone’s office or cuddled with at night by a little one. Because no one can resist the adorable stuffed animal, and if you play your cards right, you may get some customers who are interested in your company after seeing your logo on their niece or nephew’s favorite teddy bear!