What Business Am I In?

You may think you’re in the toy business, the travel business, or the seminar business, just to name a few. You can be forgiven for thinking this, since your company sells these products…but you would be wrong.

You are in the people business, because all business is a people business.

You may even be to the point where you know you want to be in business for yourself, but you don’t know what products to market at first. That’s okay. You should work with people first. The products come next.

In fact, people don’t usually buy products at all. They buy other people! Or rather, they buy into other people. They buy from people they like, and from people they perceive as being “like” them. It’s the person doing the presentation, and not the product at the center of the presentation, which creates a sale.

Therefore, in order to succeed, you need great people skills. The major skills you need aren’t fancy. Those skills are:

· Listening…


·…and listening.

If you’re willing to ask people a lot of questions, and if you’re willing to spend some time sincerely listening to the answers those people give, then you can find out how to work with anyone. In fact, when someone says they might want to buy from you, you should pause and tell them that you don’t even know if you’re ready to sell to them yet, as you haven’t yet had an opportunity to assess their needs and concerns to find out if that product is a good fit for them.

It’s only after you’ve done that groundwork, after you’ve done your job as a person in the “people business,” that you can present the most appropriate opportunity and therefore close the deal.