Why Dog Toys Are Important

I don’t know about you but I think of my best friend as smart, intelligent and clever. Always there to do whatever I want to do or go where I want to go. I’m sure he has his ideas of fun and my ideas most of the time probably don’t coincide with his. I bet there are lots of times he would prefer to chase a frisbee or a ball than to sit at my feet while I read, but he never complains and goes along with whatever I suggest. He is so loyal and agreeable that I sometimes forget how important playtime is to him. He truly loves his toys but gets so much more enjoyment out of them when I take one outside to play with him and he runs to catch and bring back that toy. I swear I could literally throw a ball for hours and he would continue to fetch and return it to me for another throw!

He loves it when we play throw and fetch but he enjoys his chew toys too. It is not uncommon for him to chew on one of his toy bones or ropes while I curl up with a good book. He is content to lie at my feet and gnaw on one of his chew bones.

Dog toys are an important part of your dog’s health. Dogs love to show us their intelligence by retrieving and returning a ball, a Frisbee or even a stick. They just seem to have a natural instinct to run, chase and return the things that we throw for them. While I’m at work all day, he plays with some of his chew toys to prevent boredom. Walking my dog around for him to do his business is good exercise but he needs more rigorous movement. Those business walks are definitely not enough healthy exercise for him. He needs to run, jump and play. He looks forward to the doggie discs and the balls that I throw for him. He loves to bring the things I throw for him back to me so we can repeat the process. It’s good for him to run and jump to catch the Frisbee or ball and hurry it back to me. He has this look on his face when he drops the toy at my feet, like “gee aren’t I smart and quick too”!

If you’ve ever shopped for dog toys you know how many different types of toys are available. When purchasing a toy for your best friend, consider his size, how much time you devote to playing with him and what sort of toys he could amuse himself with during quiet times. Chew toys are great for those quiet times, balls and throw toys are terrific exercise for your canine friend. Plush toys are fun for your dog if he is not an aggressive chewer.

Your dog should have an assortment of toys that will suit his size and personality for the time he must spend indoors, as well as those interactive toys that will promote the energy outlet that keeps him healthy when he plays outside.

A healthy dog is a happy dog. Dog toys are a small but important part of keeping your clever canine healthy and happy.